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Activities Banner Activities Avonturia


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At Avonturia There are also fun activities for children to do. You cannot physically do some activities in the store, but you can purchase them in the store and then do them at home. This is how you get Avonturia at home, how adventurous is that.

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Mappa Mundia logo Entrance Expo Mini Zoo The Hague Zoo

Mappa Mundia

Discover the world of Professor Das. Professor Das has collected all his exotica and naturalia in Mappa Mundia. Look for beautiful finds in the sand excavation and admire special animals.

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Lavabol Kraken New The Hague Avonturia

Cracking lava ball

Crack your own lava sphere. You do need muscles for this! The inside of the lava sphere is very beautiful and special. You also get a nice quiz.

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Treasure hunt Activities Avonturia Page Image

Scavenger hunt

The nature & discovery treasure hunt has been completely renewed for young and old. Children learn all about the animals from Avonturia.

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Kitchen Painting Activity New Scaled

Kids Activities Bag

The adventurous Kids Activity Bag contains everything you need to paint a beautiful animal figurine or treasure box! The bag itself can also be painted with the colorful painting palette.

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Divider Left Gold prospecting Mappa Mundia Avonturia

gold prospecting

Find small pieces of pyrite and gemstones with a real gold panning pan in the gold prospecting pond. You can keep what you find!

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VIP Card Custom

Ranger VIP

Discover the real ranger in you for an all-in price! Go panning for gold through Mappa Mundia and fill your stomach with a delicious Kids Menu

Ranger VIP card
Talisman Making Activities Avonturia

make talisman


Make your own lucky charm. Professor Das has brought with him all kinds of special finds from his distant travels, with which you can make your own Talisman yourself.

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Beeswax Candle Making Activities Avonturia

Making beeswax candle


Make your own beeswax candle. You spin your own candle and you can also decorate it. The beeswax candles are 100% natural and last longer than regular candles.

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Birdhouse Painting Activities Avonturia

Birdhouse Painting


Decorate a birdhouse in your own style, you can make your unique birdhouse with paint. For your favorite birds in the area.

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Treasure Sand Mix Pot

Treasure Sand Mix


A jar full of treasure, ready to be discovered at home. Filled with all unique items that can also be found in our gold mining pond

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Figuring Out Owl Balls Activities Avonturia

Figuring out owl balls


Curious about what's in an owl's vomit ball? Then fluff out an owl ball. With tweezers you can fluff these out and you can take a good look at everything on a determination sheet.

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Ranger Bag New For Home Avonturia

Ranger activity bag


Get started at home with our own Activities bag! Filled with a paint activity, paint pallet, A3 activity coloring page, 3D placemat and bag.

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Children's party Celebrating In The Hague Children's party Avonturia

Adventurous Children's Party

You celebrate the most Adventurous children's party at Avonturia de Vogelkelder in The Hague.
Put together your own party and experience a special Adventure with your friends!

Treasure hunt Flamingos Activities Avonturia Page Image

Adventure Packages

Looking for the best arrangements and outings? Then you're with Avonturia de Vogelkelder at the right place..

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