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Reptile world

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Discover the Indoor Pond

Since 1990, on the Oude Haagweg (old location of de Vogelkelder), there was an indoor pond in the pet store. Here water turtles, parrots and all sorts of other animals just sat loose, in and around a large natural indoor pond in the middle of the store. This was the start of the experience world of Avonturia.

In our current store, the pond has more than doubled in size, with enough space for all the flora and fauna that lives in and around it.

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The tropical pond is also a popular location for taking wedding photos from weddings. Very beautiful wedding photos can be taken here free of charge by appointment, of course you have to provide a photographer yourself!

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Where is the pond?

Our tropical pond can be found on the Reptile World and is simply Free accessible to the public. You can walk around the entire pond and be admired by everything that lives in and around it. All animals are loose in this natural environment. It is therefore possible that a black-winged stilt suddenly walks in front of your feet or that a turtle sits next to you at the edge of the pond. There is also a possibility for children to do activities. Such as feeding the carp or doing a treasure hunt where you learn everything about the animals.

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What can I see there?

The pond offers a natural habitat for various species of animals and plants. At the beginning you are greeted by our Soldatenara Jan, who overlooks the entire pond from his play tree. When you walk a little further you can already feel the splashes of the waterfall, this is also the favorite swimming spot of the carp. Don't worry, you won't get too wet because you can just walk under it! When you have passed the waterfall you walk along the stilts, these nice birds also live in the wild in the Netherlands. Turtles are basking on several islands in the pond where they are sometimes used as stepping stones by the mandarin ducks.

But wait! What's that pink spot between the leaves? Those are our Flamingos! Come quickly that way because you can really admire them up close. In the meantime, don't forget to look up too? Dozens of special songbirds also fly between the lianas. Wow, the flamingos are even more beautiful and impressive up close. Take a quick photo for social media with your head between the piranhas in our special aquarium and say goodbye to the tortoises before continuing your adventure. Maybe in Mappa Mundia!

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