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Aquatic animals

Aquatic animals are animals that spend their lives in water. They have adapted to living in different aquatic environments, such as oceans, seas, rivers, lakes and swamps. Examples of animals include fish, shrimp, seals, turtles, axolotls, sharks, and coral reefs.

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Aquatic animals

These are animals that live in water such as oceans, seas, rivers, lakes and swamps. They have adapted to living in water and show different characteristics to survive. Fish are a well-known group with scales, gills and fins. They vary greatly in size, shape and color. Axolotls are fascinating aquatic animals belonging to the Mexican salamander family. They do not undergo metamorphosis like other amphibians and retain their gills, external gill openings and flukes, which allow them to breathe and swim in the water. What also falls under this species are shrimps. Shrimp are small, crustaceans that are mainly found in freshwater and saltwater habitats around the world. Shrimp have a distinctive elongated body with a sturdy exoskeleton.

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