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Arthropods belong to a tribe of cold-blooded invertebrates. This tribe is known for, among other things, an external skeleton, a segmented body (this means that the body consists of several built-up parts) and multi-part articulated legs. This tribe includes groups such as insects, spiders, scorpions, centipedes & crustaceans. With 80% of all known species, the arthropod tribe is actually the largest group in the animal kingdom. This group of animals can be found in all habitats and conditions on the earth and therefore form a diverse and varied tribe. Arthropods can be distinguished by their jointed limbs (hence the name of this tribe) and their hard, reinforced skeleton. Read more…

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The body of the arthropods consists of different segments that can fuse with each other during the growth of the animal. In order to continue the growth of the arthropods, they lose their exoskeleton once in a while, this is also called molting. Arthropods are generally small and come in unusual colors and species making them a spectacular group to watch, most insect species that fall under the arthropod category are equipped with wings. Almost all arthropods have an open circulatory system, in which Hemolymph (a fluid similar to blood) supplies the body tissues with the necessary nutrients. Arthropods are equipped with various gas exchange organs that are highly adapted to the animal's living environment, such as: gills, trachea (mainly in insects) and book lungs (in spiders and scorpions, for example). Thanks to this circulation system, oxygen can be pumped through the body. The largest species occur in waters and seas, such as a large lobster.

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