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Discover the Dog World of Avonturia

Welcome to the Dog World of AvonturiaHere you will find everything you need for your four-legged friend. With an area of ​​no less than 800 m2 of dog articles, you can be sure that you will succeed. You will find a unique range on our Dog World, carefully composed from all over the world. You can also find some of the products on our webshop, but please note that this is only a small selection from the range. On the Dog World of Avonturia you will find more than twice as many dog ​​products than in our webshop!

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Personal Puppy Shopper

Discover the convenience of our Personal Puppy Shopper service! Let our expert shoppers guide you in finding the perfect products for your new puppy. Personal advice and a carefree shopping experience for you and your four-legged friend.

Dog Wash Avonturia The Hague

From car wash to Pub

Does your dog need a bath after a muddy walk? Then come to the dog wash of Avonturia in The Hague. Here you can wash your dog from head to toe without your bathroom getting wet and dirty. The dog wash is equipped with dog shampoo, conditioner, a hair dryer and even anti-flea shampoo. In short, everything you need to make your dog shine again. In addition, your dog can enjoy a Dog Beer in the Dog Pub, which is a real bar for dogs! Also in Avonturia's Kitchen your dog is welcome, while you can enjoy a snack and a drink here.

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Are you planning to buy a dog?

Then it is important to first collect sufficient information. Bee Avonturia de Vogelkelder you are at the right place. Our employees of the Dog World have years of experience. They are happy to advise you in the field of nutrition, care and upbringing. Our employees run our department with love and passion and can speak from their own experience when it comes to purchasing a dog. We do not sell dogs or puppies ourselves, for this you can go to an animal shelter, shelter or a recognized breeder. Our employees can help you choose the right breed or dog that suits you. They can also tell you everything you should know about the dog, they are happy to advise you.

When you are planning to buy a dog, there are many things to ask yourself beforehand. For example, a dog needs enough space and preferably also an outdoor area. Grooming a dog also takes a lot of time, so they have to be walked at least three times a day. At least once a long walk. In addition, taking a dog as a pet also entails costs, which you have to take into account. Such as costs for care, food and sometimes unforeseen costs.

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A dog is part of the family

A dog remains a member of your family for a long time. Keep this in mind and remember that a dog lives on average about 14 years old, depending on the breed or type of dog. You don't buy an animal for a short period of time, but for the rest of its life. In addition, a dog should of course be walked several times a day, but this should fit in with the time schedule of your family!

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Be well informed

A dog is part of your family. It is therefore important that you do not encounter unexpected problems. When you decide to buy a dog well prepared, you and the dog will enjoy each other's company the most. Can you walk the dog several times a day, or is that not possible due to work? Even if it rains hard, your four-legged friend has to go outside! When you have enough time and attention for your dog, you will naturally also receive a lot of love and attention in return!

When choosing the dog, it is important to ask yourself several questions in advance:

  • How much space can I offer the dog?
  • How much exercise can I give the dog per day?
  • Do I plan to exercise with the dog?
  • Do I have (small) children?
  • Do I also have other pets in the house?
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What do I need?

To properly care for your dog, you need different products. Avonturia de Vogelkelder offers you a wide choice of articles and supplies. The basic necessities are the same for almost all dogs: the right food, a food and water bowl, a nice soft place to sleep and a suitable collar or harness with leash. Don't forget the poop bags and an address badge or tube! It is also important that your dog has its own place in the house. A bench can offer the solution for this. Different types of toys are also very important for both your dog's mental and physical health.

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To make it easier for you, we have listed the basic necessities in a handy checklist for buying a dog, which you can print out and take with you to the store.

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