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Determine the gender of the jumping spider

Is my Jumping Spider a Male or Female?

Jumping spider gender determination: How do you recognize the gender of a jumping spider?

Determining the gender of you jumping spider can be a challenge, especially if it is a young spider. In this blog we explore the subtle differences that help determine the gender of you jumping spider accurately determined, including useful tips for accurate identification.

Jumping Spider Man
Jumping Spider Woman

Wait to determine the gender of your jumping spider for clarity

Because of your gender jumping spider To determine accurately, it is advisable to wait until the spider reaches the fourth molt stage (FH4) and approaches the sub-adult stage or adulthood.

This development phase usually lasts between four to eight months, depending on the jumping spider species. At this stage, the spider exhibits a more mature appearance and behavior, such as increased size, which allows sexual characteristics to be identified more clearly.

The fourth instar (FH4) refers to the moment when the jumping spider molts for the fourth time. Around this period, the color of the teeth also changes. For male jumping spiders, the teeth turn green-blue, while the teeth of female jumping spiders turn pink.

The External Characteristics of a Male Jumping Spider

Male jumping spiders are smaller than females and typically have a black and white color scheme, with distinctive green and blue teeth.

  • Size: Measuring up to 18mm, males are smaller than females.
  • Color: A typical black and white color scheme
  • Teeth: Green-blue teeth visible around the 4th instar.
  • Feeling feet: Thickenings at the end of the sensory legs, similar to a comma.
  • Pedipalps: Larger pedipalps, almost like 'boxing gloves' used for transferring sperm to the epigyne during copulation.
Male Jumping Spider

Pedipalps are like small grasping arms that are located next to the jumping spider's mouth.

The External Characteristics of a Female Jumping Spider

Female jumping spiders are larger than the males and can have a striking diversity of colors, ranging from warm shades such as orange, red, brown, gray, to even white, with pink colored teeth.

Female Jumping Spider 1
  • Size: Generally larger than males, with sizes reaching up to about 22 millimeters.
  • Color: Variable color palette, including warm tones such as orange, red, brown, gray, and even white.
  • Teeth: Pink colored teeth.
  • Feeling feet: Streamlined with an even shape.
  • Pedipalps: Smaller pedipalps compared to males.
  • Epigyne: The most striking feature on the underside of the female is the “epigyne,” a small, black and shiny dot between the book lungs. This characteristic is crucial for reproduction and the distinction between male and female jumping spiders.

Tips for Easier Determining the Gender of Jumping Spiders

Determining the gender of jumping spiders can be a challenge with these little spiders. We have some useful tips to make it a little easier for you.

First, patience is key; wait until the spider reaches the sub-adult stage or adulthood, which can typically take between four to eight months. This prevents premature conclusions and increases the accuracy of gender determination. In addition, there are practical observation methods that can make it easier:

  • Photographs: Take a photo of your spider with your smartphone. Enlarge the image to better identify small details.
  • Exposure for Clarity: Shine a light on the spider's face. This makes the colors, especially those of the teeth, more visible.
  • Feed: This can ensure that the teeth become clearly visible, making determining gender easier.
Jumping Spider Man 1
Jumping Spider Man Or Woman
Jumping Spider Female 1

Determining the Sex of a Jumping Spider

Determining the gender of you jumping spider may seem like a challenge, but with patience and attention to subtle features it becomes significantly easier!

Male jumping spiders are distinguished by their smaller stature, black-and-white color scheme, green-blue teeth, and distinctive pedipalps, resembling boxing gloves.

Female jumping spiders are larger, exhibit a variable color palette, have pink teeth, and bear a prominent epigyne on the underside of their bodies.

Jumping Spider Black

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