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Discover the Gift World

gift world

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Gift World Taxidermy

Discover the Gift World

One of the most special worlds of Avonturia, is one you may not expect, the Gift World. In this world you will find unique products from all over the world. Avonturia regularly travels and imports unique products from various continents such as Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. New products are regularly arriving from countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, etc.

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Avonturia the Curiosity

New and from now on available at our gift world, one of a kind items.
There is something for everyone among these eye-catchers.
     If you are even a little fan of taxidermy or the cabinet of rarities, then you should definitely come and take a look.

For a unique and adventurous gift or interior item you have come to the right place!

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Unique Gift Items

In the Kadowereld you will find unique gift items, so unique that they are not available anywhere else. For example, products of natural origin that are made or processed by hand. Such as various cabinets, tables, chairs, lamps, mirrors and art. Some of our favorite items are the handmade shell lamps, handcrafted wood carvings from Africa and antique doors from Indonesia.

Our taxidermy collection provides an extra unique touch to our gift world. We offer a wide range of animal-friendly taxidermy animals. Such as: butterflies, reptiles, insects and birds. But sometimes we also have some large items such as a peacock, giraffe or zebra.

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Gemstones, Crystals & Minerals


In our Gift World we have the largest and widest range of gemstones in the region. Here you will find stones in all shapes and sizes, from tumbled stones to XL clusters and from massage rollers to tea light holders. In addition to the well-known species such as Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Rock Crystal (together also called the Golden Triangle), we also have many unique species such as green moonstone, magnetite and labradorite.

Be enchanted by the beautiful sparkle and/or spiritual effect of the unique stones.

Gift World Kids Dino Toys

Wide range for children

In addition to unique gift items from all over the world, we also have a very cool children's corner. Filled with both unique gifts and cuddly toys. But also for educational articles such as our owl balls, make your own lava or create your own crystal. Come and discover our gift world.

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Gifts for everyone

Of course we also have various "normal" gift items such as: books, cuddly toys, statues, dinosaurs, incense and much more! We have something suitable for every person and occasion.
Unfortunately, there are only a few products on the webshop, because almost every gift item is unique! That is why the range in the store is many times larger and more unique.

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gift world
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