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Rats and Mice

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Rats and Mice are, by many people, still seen as vermin, but it is less true! they are very smart and clean animals that are super nice as pets. Read more…

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Rats and Mice

The brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) is also known as Norwegian rat, sewer rat, water rat or city rat. This wild rat is one of the most successful mammals in the world and is today found almost all over the world, even as far as the interior of Africa. Originally, the brown rat probably comes from part of northern China.

Selective breeding with the brown rat created the albino lab rat in the 1890s. Laboratory rats are still used for medical, psychological and biological experiments.
The domestic rat (Rattus norvegicus Domestica) as we know it originated from the laboratory rat. All contemporary lines descend from the first laboratory rats. Domestication has drastically changed their appearance and behavior. This has resulted in differences not only in hair structures, but also in drawing, color and construction.



Mice have been kept in captivity by humans for thousands of years, including in Ancient Greece, the Chinese Empire and Japan. Ancient Chinese writings have been found about the breeding of mice.
After generations of breeding, the mice became increasingly tame. In addition, new colors and coat types emerged.
The first official mouse breeding club, the National Mouse Club, was founded in England in the 19th century. The color mouse was referred to there as fancy mouse (luxury mouse) to indicate that it was a special bred animal and not just an "ordinary" mouse.

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