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The Unicorn Pelisuary

One day Professor Das went on an adventure in the rainforest with his friends. They were looking for new and special animals for the Pinquin academy. Suddenly they heard a strange rustling in the bushes. As they got closer, they saw something they had never seen before: a unicorn pelisuary!

The unicorn pelisuary was beautiful, with glittering feathers and a strong tail. Professor Das and his friends were amazed, they had never seen such a bird before. But when the unicorn pelisuaris showed off its sharp claws, they knew this bird wasn't just any cute animal. He was tough and strong!

Professor Badger and his friends decided to follow the unicorn pelisuary to see where it went. The bird led them through the rainforest, along forest paths and rivers. After a long walk they came to a beautiful waterfall. There they found a whole colony of unicorn pelisuaries, living together and caring for each other.

The birds were not afraid of the Penguin Academy and invited them to stay with them. Professor Das and his friends were grateful and stayed at the colony for a while to learn all about the unicorn pelisuaries. They discovered that these birds were not only beautiful, but also very smart and friendly. 

On the way back to the Penguin Academy, Professor Badger and his friends decided to protect the unicorn pelisuary and keep the colony a secret. This way they could examine the unicorn pelisuaris and now tell everything about it.

But we need you! Can you tell us which animals are in a unicorn pelisuary? The name already gives it away a bit.

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