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The Moth Man

Once upon a time there was a forest full of adventure. Many special creatures lived here, such as flying squirrels, talking birds and the funny Zoopies. The Zoopies were small, fuzzy creatures that were always looking for new adventures.

One day, the Zoopies heard rumors of a terrifying creature called the Moth Man. It was rumored that he was no good to nature and took everything he broke with him to his hiding place. The Zoopies decided to act and capture the Moth Man before he pollutes the world even more. 

They began to investigate and eventually discovered the Mothman's abode, an old, dark cave in the edge of the forest. With courage and determination, the Zoopies entered the cave. They found the Moth Man sleeping and managed to catch him.

When they took the Moth Man out of the cave, she placed him in a bell jar for all the realm to see who he was!  


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