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Geordi Puppy Course

Puppy course in The Hague

Discover the Perfect Start for Your Puppy: Puppy Course in The Hague

Bringing a puppy home is an exciting step full of new adventures and challenges. It's a time of cute moments, but also a lot of learning, both for you and your new furry companion.

A good puppy course is therefore essential to lay a strong foundation for obedience, social interaction and a long-term bond between you and your puppy. In The Hague there is no better place to start this journey than at the puppy course Geordi . dog school.

Geordi . dog school

Geordi . dog school has been a trusted name in The Hague for years when it comes to professional dog training.

With a team of experienced instructors, who are not only passionate about dogs.

But you are also up to date on promoting positive and effective training methods Geordi . dog school in good hands

Geordi Toos

A Unique Approach

At Geordi . dog school they understand that every puppy is unique, which is why they take a personal approach to each participant.

Whether you have a lively Labradoodle or a calm Dachshund, the experienced instructors tailor the training to the needs and personality of your puppy.

This means that you not only learn basic commands, but also work on socialization, toilet training and dealing with everyday situations.

Every puppy is unique, which is why we tailor our training to your dog. We combine fun and education, with attention to socialization, toilet training and daily situations. Enjoy the learning process together with positive reinforcement and rewards! – Geordi Dog School

Shannon VIP Puppy Morning Dog School Geordi

Educational and Fun

At Geordi . dog school the puppy course is about the combination of fun and education, where every dog ​​and owner is welcome.

Classes are tailored to each dog-owner duo, using positive reinforcement and rewards.

Desired behavior is encouraged through positive reinforcement and rewards.

This way your puppy stays motivated and you enjoy the learning process together.

Essential Information about the Puppy Course

The puppy course of Geordi . dog school consists of a series of weekly lessons, with each lesson lasting approximately one hour. The groups are deliberately kept small to ensure sufficient individual attention, so that every participant can benefit from the guidance of the instructors.

Locations: The puppy course is given at two locations: The Hague or Pijnacker. You can choose which location suits you best.

Theory/information evening: They start the course with a theory and information evening where you are present without your puppy. During this evening they will introduce you to their training methods and share valuable information on topics such as toys, driving, lines, insurance, and more.

Weekly lessons of one hour, small groups for individual attention, choice of The Hague or Pijnacker. Start with a theory evening, learn essential commands and enjoy an educational and fun experience! – Geordi Dog School

Lesson content: The lessons are aimed at laying a strong foundation for a good relationship between you and your puppy. They will learn the basic principles in a playful way, such as sit, down, avoid, stay, walking nicely, attention exercises, being touched by a stranger, refusing food/objects, and encountering different situations.

Educational and fun: Our puppy course offers an educational and enjoyable experience in which your puppy learns to work together with others in an open and playful way.

    The Benefits of a Puppy Course

    A puppy course offers numerous benefits, both for the puppy and the owner.

    Taking a puppy course is the start of a solid foundation for a happy and healthy relationship between owner and dog.

    And following the puppy course together promotes the well-being and development of the puppy.

    Geordi Dog School Course

    Obedience and training: A puppy course teaches puppies essential obedience commands and basic skills, such as sit, lie down, come here and walk nicely on a leash.

    Socialization: Puppies learn to interact with other dogs and people, which is crucial for their social development and the prevention of fear or aggression later in life.

    Bond between dog and owner: By training together, owners and puppies build a strong bond based on trust and respect.

    Discover the benefits of a puppy course: essential obedience, social skills, a strong bond and the prevention of behavioral problems. Learn to understand how dogs think and communicate.

    Preventing behavioral problems: A puppy course helps prevent behavioral problems such as barking, biting and uncleanliness by teaching desired behavior.

    Insight into dog behavior: Owners learn to understand how dogs think and communicate, which helps them effectively manage behavior and solve any problems.

    Safety: Puppies learn to deal with everyday situations, such as driving and walking in busy areas, which increases their safety.

      An Optimal Start with our Puppy Course in The Hague!

      Do you want the perfect start for your puppy? Register today for the puppy course in The Hague and give your puppy the best foundation for a happy and obedient life!

      Click here to register and discover how fun and educational the puppy course is Geordi . dog school could be.

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