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musk turtle

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Mauremys sinensis

Chinese Stripe Turtle

Name Dutch: Chinese Stripe Turtle
Scientific name: Mauremys sinensis
Origin: Asia
Age: 40 years
Height: 20 - 25 cm
Day temperature: Water temperature 25°C
Birth: Egg laying.
Activity: Day active
Legislation: None
Climate: Tropical
Stay: Aquarium
Heat place: Under a heat spot it may be 30-32°c
Night temperature: 20 – 22°c
Minimum size: 90x45x45 cm for young to semi-adult animals.

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Mauremys sinensis (Chinese striped turtle)
The Chinese striped turtle is, together with the Chinese three-keeled turtle, one of the smaller and most commonly kept Asian water turtles. They are active swimmers that need quite a bit of space. These water turtles are offered as babies and it is therefore tempting to give in to buy such a small water turtle. But this species is also getting bigger and needs spacious enclosures with lighting, filters, the right food, etc.

As we just wrote, the baby Chinese Stripe Turtles look really cute. But little water turtles grow up to be big. This species can grow between 20 and 25 cm. Females, as a rule, grow slightly larger than males. The Men are recognizable by a longer and thickened tail. The shield is usually very dark brown with light brown markings. The most recognizable of this species are the thin yellow longitudinal stripes that run from the nose to the front legs. On the yellow ventral shield a sharp drawing can be found on the outer plates. Because they are strong swimmers, the animals have strong legs and webbing between the toes so that they can move easily through the water.

The Chinese Stripe Necked Turtle Isolated On White


2 young Chinese Stripe Tortoises can be kept in an enclosure of 90x45x45cm. They can stay in this until they are between 10 and 12 cm. After that, it is wise to transfer them to an enclosure of at least 120x50x60 cm. For both stays money must be made of a good filter that keeps the water clean. An external filter is the best choice for this, but make sure that there is not too much flow. A floating island may be used for the young animals. Different materials may be used on the site, such as gravel, pebbles with boulders or pieces of wood. There are a lot of different ways to provide the animals with heat and UVB lighting. The easiest way is to hang a special lampshade above the island with a combination lamp (UVB + heat). Under this lamp it can be between 30 and 32°C where the turtles can bask under. As a result, the UVB radiation is absorbed and vitamins D3 are produced. This ensures that calcium is more easily absorbed into the body. It is important to always use a good vitamin and mineral preparation. Other ways are a basking spot in combination with a UVB fluorescent, UVB energy saving lamp. Be well informed about this by a specialist who can explain the pros and cons. For adult animals it is important to make a permanent island in the enclosure that can be filled with sand. The advantage of this is that any pregnant females can bury their eggs. If this is missing in the accommodation, there is a possibility that laying shortage will arise.

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Mauremys sinensis are mainly herbivores and this means that their bodies are adapted to this. They are allowed to have a small portion of animal proteins. It can be well fed with aquatic plants, endive, pak choi and other types of vegetables. There are also a lot of different types of turtle food available. Feeding is done 1 to 2 times a day, but make sure that all the food is finished within 5 minutes. Feed that is not eaten causes extra pollution and rot.

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