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red-eyed frog

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Red-eyed Frog Agalychnis Callidryas Tree Frog

red-eyed frog

Name Dutch: red-eyed frog
Scientific name: Agalychnis callidryas
Origin: Central America
Age: 10 years
Height: men up to 5 cm, women up to 7 cm
Day temperature: 24 – 28°c
Humidity: 70 - 80%
Activity: Night active
Legislation: CITES B
Climate: Tropical rainforest
Stay: Terrarium (paludarium)
Heat place: 30 ° c
Night temperature: 20 – 22°c
Night humidity: 80 - 90%
Minimum size: 60x45x90

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This beautiful tree frog lives up to its name with its brilliant blood-red eyes that appear when it wakes up. The red-eyed frog lives mainly in the trees and relies on being hidden from enemies due to its color which fades against the green of the leaves. When they sleep, red-eyed frogs pull their legs tight against the body, hiding their color as much as possible. The body is mainly light green, the insides of the legs are orange. The flanks can be different shades of blue, this is determined by the habitat in which they live, these colors have changed over time to camouflage colors of the habitat in which they live. When night falls, the frog slowly wakes up and its red eyes slowly open and it will start hunting for food. With their long legs they climb like little monkeys from leaf to leaf and if the distance is too great, they jump.


Red-eyed Frog Agalychnis Callidryas Tree Frog


Red-eyed lemur frogs need a spacious enclosure to live in. For an adult couple it is recommended to use at least a 60x45x90 cm terrarium. Use a mix of finely and coarsely mixed coconut fiber as the bottom, with sphagnum moss, vermiculite and activated carbon mixed in. Tamp this bottom to make sure the frogs don't get any substrate. Use branches or lianas and plants with large leaves such as Scindapsus, philodendron for furnishing to mimic nature. A larger water bowl can be placed on the bottom, which must be changed every day.

The average temperature in the terrarium is best kept around 24°C on average and it can be 2° to 3°C warmer in the top of the terrarium. The humidity is best kept between 65 and 75%. Make sure that there is sufficient air circulation to prevent mold and bacterial growth. A small fan can be used for this. The use of UVB lighting is recommended and the frogs will certainly use it.

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Sex & Reproduction

The sex of red-eyed lemur frogs is fairly easy to determine. Females grow taller and have a broader and blunter head than males.

Red-eyed Frog Agalychnis Callidryas Tree Frog

Power supply

The food mainly consists of insects such as wax moths, wax moth larvae, crickets, grasshoppers and flies. It is important that feeding is varied and not too one-sided, so not just one type of food animal, but that this is alternated. The food animals must be dusted with a good mineral and vitamin preparation.

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