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rat snakes

The rat snake is an active and curious snake. The rat snake is also called the corn snake and is one of the easiest snakes to start as a novice hobbyist, the rat snake is therefore the snake that is kept the most at the moment. The rat snake is available in different colors, such as the red rat snake. Rat snakes can be between 1 meter and 1.60 in length. Rat snakes are native to the southwestern United States and northern Mexico. The rat snake is mainly nocturnal, which means that it is active at night and rests a lot during the day. His menu consists of rodents and birds, which he then hunts for at night. Read more…

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rat snake

Rat snakes can live up to 15-20 years with proper care. And are very curious animals to keep as pets. They are actually almost not aggressive but very good at escaping! So always make sure that your terrarium is well closed, so that your snake does not suddenly wriggle through the house.

The rat snakes originated in the southeastern United States and northern Mexico. They like to live in a wooded environment such as a coniferous forest. They love to climb and clamber through the trees. They also like to have the temperature at an acceptable temperature. Think of during the day between 24 and 30 degrees and at night no colder than 21 degrees. The rat snake is a cold-blooded animal, so adequate lighting and warmth is essential. Rat snakes are carnivores they eat rodents such as mice. Larger rat snakes may also be fed day-old chicks and quail. In principle, rat snakes have no preference for live or dead food. The food animal presented must not be larger than the diameter of the snake's body at its thickest point. The rat snake is an animal that is mainly active at night. To keep a rat snake in captivity you need the right knowledge and products, but in principle it is not very difficult. Rat snakes are generally stress resistant and hardly aggressive. Our specialists are ready for you in our store to inform and advise you about rat snakes.

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