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Veterinary Clinic avonturia

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Welcome to Veterinary Clinic Avonturia† Our veterinary clinic is located in a very special and practical environment. You will find the clinic of Avonturia namely in the 'Cat Street' of Avonturia† This allows you to find all your pet supplies in one place, at Avonturia.

vet Avonturia Dog And Cat The Hague
Veterinary Clinic Avonturia Veterinarian Veterinarian The Hague Veterinary Center

Opening hours

Consultation hours Vet: Monday to Friday (by appointment only)

Counter open: Monday to Sunday (opening hours from Avonturia)

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For emergencies, call Evidensia animal hospital The Hague.

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Veterinary Clinic Avonturia The Hague

Are you looking for a vet in The Hague? Welcome to Veterinary Clinic Avonturia† A veterinary clinic in a special environment. You find veterinary clinic Avonturia namely in the 'cat street' of pet store Avonturia† Our veterinary clinic is a well-equipped veterinary clinic in The Hague. We have modern facilities for urine and blood tests. Of course, the vet in the
clinic has an extensive pharmacy and we sell diet food for your pet.

You can also visit the veterinary clinic for the castration of your cat Avonturia† For other operations, we refer you to our other veterinary clinic: Pet Hospital Honselersdijk. You can also visit Pet Hospital Honselersdijk for further research.

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Consultation hours in Veterinary Clinic Avonturia

In veterinary clinic Avonturia You can visit the office hours by appointment. The vet's office hours take place from Monday to Friday. The clinic has two consulting rooms for consultation hours. These consultation rooms provide a safe and quiet environment for your pet. This way your pet can be checked by the vet in peace.

Caution! Due to a nationwide shortage of veterinarians, you may be referred to one of our other practices in your area.

Would you like to make an appointment for the consultation hour? Then contact us at:

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The counter

In addition, the desk of our clinic is open during the opening hours of Avonturia opened. The desk of our veterinary clinic in The Hague is also open on Sundays and public holidays. Would you like no-obligation medical advice about your pet? Our Para-veterinary assistant is ready for you at the desk.

Animal Clinic For Rodents In The Hague Avonturia

Pet Hospital Honselersdijk

At the Pet Hospital in Honselersdijk we have a wide range of diagnostic equipment. For example, the Honselersdijk Pet Hospital offers X-rays, ultrasound, endoscopy and MRI. Major surgeries and dental treatments for all the clinics of the Veterinary Center take place here. The surgeons have a lot of experience with, among other things, orthopedic operations. The sterilization of a dog and cat by means of keyhole surgery is also performed here. This is called laparoscopic sterilization and this procedure is much less stressful for your pet.

Veterinary Clinic Avonturia in The Hague and Pet Hospital Honselersdijk are part of the Veterinary Center. The Veterinary Center consists of five veterinary clinics in The Hague and Westland:

  • Pet Hospital Honselersdijk;
  • Veterinary clinic Leyweg The Hague;
  • Veterinary clinic Wateringen;
  • Veterinary clinic 's-Gravenzande;
  • Veterinary Clinic Avonturia The Hague.

We use one registration system. This means that our vets can always view the medical data of your pet, regardless of which clinic you are in. This means you can go to all veterinary clinics of the Veterinary Center.

We hope to see you soon at one of our veterinary clinics in The Hague and surroundings!

Vetinary Center The Hague
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