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Rosé Cockatoo

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Rosé cockatoo (Eolophus roseicapilla) pink cockatoo or pink cockatoo

Rosé Cockatoo

Name Dutch: Rosé Cockatoo
Scientific name: Eolophus Roseicapilla
Origin: Australia
Age:40-60 years (depending on how the bird is kept)
Height: About 30-35cm
Birth: Egg laying (Average 2 to 5 eggs per nest). These come out after about a month.
Activity: Day active
Legislation: CITES B It is mandatory that the bird has a life ring with unique identification. Also, the bird should not be separated from its parents for 92 days after birth.
Climate: From natural (sub)tropical climate to desert climate.
Stay: A large cage or aviary with a loose java tree or playground.
Minimum size: 120x80x100cm. ''The bigger the better''.

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The rosé cockatoo also known as pink cockatoo, pink cockatoo, Galah, is a beautiful bird that, as its name says, has a rosé color. In the rosé cockatoo we can find the rosé color on the lower part of the head, neck and belly. The crest is somewhat smaller than in other cockatoo species and has a light pink color. The wings are light gray and slightly mottled. The tail is dark gray to black. The bill is a lot smaller than most other cockatoos. They are also slightly less noisy and stubborn like larger cockatoo species, but they are greedy. All this makes the rosé cockatoo a much loved bird species.

The rosé cockatoo occurs in almost all of Australia, in large numbers and usually also in large groups. However, because they are naturally curved beaks and therefore like to gnaw and enjoy good food, they are seen as a pest by farmers in Australia. The bird is somewhat similar in appearance to the pigeon in the Netherlands. If a whole flock of cockatoos ends up on your land, which eat and gnaw everything, it is of course no fun.

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A Perched Pair Galah, Eolophus Roseicapilla

Difference Between Man & Woman

The combination of colors and shades makes the rosé cockatoo a beautiful bird. If we want to know whether we are talking about a female or male cockatoo, the secret of certain cockatoo species is hidden in their eyes, the iris to be precise. For example, if the iris is red/brown then it is a female and if this iris is black/brown then it is a male. If we look at an adult rose cockatoo we also see this phenomenon, but this method with the rose cockatoo is not 100% waterproof.

If you want to be 100% sure whether your cockatoo is a male or a female, it is best to do a DNA test. This is very easy nowadays. An avian vet/vet can determine by means of a pair of pulled out breast/down feathers whether it is a male or a doll (Pop: Name for a female bird).

But if you are impatient about the result, you can already see in advance whether you can make a prediction based on the iris color.

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When the rose cockatoo is about 3 to 4 years old, the rose cockatoo is sexually mature. The doll lays 2 to 5 eggs at a time and the eggs hatch after about a month. After birth, the young are completely dependent on the parents. After 92 days, the young can only be removed from the parents. These 92 days are laid down in the ''Animal Keepers Decree'' that came into force on 1 July 2014.

During this period they learn everything from the parents and any littermates. They learn to be social, what to eat, how to eat and so on. Removing it earlier is therefore not wise and even punishable. In most cases, early removal leads to behavioral problems later in life.

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Power supply

When looking at the rosé cockatoo's diet, it should always be remembered that it is low in fat. So many fatty seeds and nuts are really out of the question. For example, they should not eat palm nuts and they should get as little sunflower seeds and other fatty seeds as possible, preferably not at all.

Our advice is to feed the rosé cockatoo a diet that consists of 70% pellets (pellets are kibble that is specially made for birds). Because of the smaller bill, a smaller pellet is recommended, usually this is the small size, or small, depending on the brand.

What is important in the case of a rose cockatoo is that the bird should be fed pellets that are specially made for rose cockatoo. These pellets are naturally low in fat. Not all brands have food that is suitable for these cockatoos. Sometimes it is possible to fall back on food for the cockatiel, which is actually also a cockatoo species, also comes from Australia, is also smaller than other cockatoos, and also has a low-fat diet. In addition, the diet should consist of about 30% fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts.

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Couple pink cockatoo (Eolophus roseicapilla) rose cockatoo or rose cockatoo


The rosé cockatoo has a sweet character but can also be (very) naughty. The rosé will also let you know if he / she does not agree with something. It is a bird that you must challenge and will certainly challenge you. Demolition toys, things, thinking games, puzzles, etc. are a must for this bird so that he / she does not get bored.

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Together or alone?

The rosé cockatoo is generally a social animal. A friend is therefore often indispensable. It is true that a rosé cockatoo can very clearly have a preference because of a large personality. So it's important that it sounds right between the cockatoo and the buddy. It is often useful to let the cockatoo choose a mate, because only if it really clicks well can both birds be happy.

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More information?

Do you want to know more about the rosé cockatoo? Then come and visit us! Our bird staff will gladly tell you more about this lovely bird.

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