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Gold prospecting The Hague Activities Avonturia Banner

gold prospecting

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Gold prospecting Activities Avonturia Pyrite

Search with the gold pan

Gold prospecting in the gold mining pond is possible from 2,95 per child, as a parent you can of course help your child. You get a gold pan and a bag to put your found stones in, you get 15 minutes gold panning time. Not only gems and gold pieces (pyrite) can be found, but maybe also a small lucky coin! Will you be the lucky prospector of a small lucky coin!?

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Gold prospecting Activities Avonturia Pond

Treasure box or Abalone shell

There is also the possibility to search for gold in combination with a treasure chest or abalone shell.
You can then store your found treasures in this.
Reservations are not necessary for gold prospecting!
(reservation is necessary for large groups, schools and children's parties)

2,95 (without treasure box) 

5,95 (with treasure box)

12,95 in the action for 7,95 (with abalone shell)

Children's party Celebrating In The Hague Children's party Avonturia

Adventurous Children's Party

You celebrate the most Adventurous children's party at Avonturia de Vogelkelder in The Hague.
Put together your own party and experience a special Adventure with your friends!

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