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Children's party

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Mappa Mundia logo Entrance Expo Mini Zoo The Hague Zoo

Mappa Mundia

Marvel at all of Professor Das's discoveries in Mappa Mundia. He is happy to share his collections of exotica and naturalia with you. With a real map you walk through caves, a harbor, and sewers from country to country and admire, among other things, meerkats, pygmy monkeys and fennec foxes. Mappa Mundia, where reality and fantasy go hand in hand!!!

Duration approx. 60/90 minutes
Price: € 6,95

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Lavabol Kraken New The Hague Avonturia

Cracking lava ball

Learn all about a lava sphere that is no less than 80 million years old. After an exciting quiz you can crack the sphere with giant tongs. The inside of such a sphere is incredibly beautiful and special! This activity is fun for kids ages 6 and up.

Duration approx. 20 minutes
Price: € 7,95

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Photo Frame Kids New Activity Colors

Adventurous Photoshoot

A rabbit, a turtle or maybe a real bearded dragon! You can take a picture with it and it is also ready immediately. Then you can decorate a photo frame with natural material to put your photo in. This activity is fun for kids of all ages.

Duration approx. 60 minutes
Price: € 6,95

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Divider Left Gold prospecting Mappa Mundia Avonturia

gold prospecting

Find small pieces of gold (pyrite) and gemstones with a real gold pan. You can have what you think! This activity is fun for kids ages 5 and up.

Duration approx. 15 minutes
Price: € 2,95

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Talisman Making Activities Avonturia

make talisman

Make your own lucky charm. Professor Das has brought with him all kinds of special finds from his distant travels, with which you can make your own Talisman.

Duration approx. 30 minutes
Price: € 8,95

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Birdhouse Painting Activities Avonturia

Birdhouse Painting

Decorate a birdhouse or treasure box entirely in your own style. With all kinds of different colors of paint, it might become the most beautiful house for the birds in your area or the most beautiful box for all your treasures! This activity is fun for kids of all ages.

Duration approx. 20 minutes
Price: € 3,95

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Figuring Out Owl Balls Activities Avonturia

Figuring out owl balls

An owl is a bird of prey and eats, for example, various small rodents such as mice and rats. He vomits out the undigested bones like an owl ball. With the help of tweezers and a identification sheet you can pick out a real owl ball! Stick all the bones you find in a photo frame and then take it home.

Duration approx. 30/45 minutes
Price: €6,95

Book directly!
Mappa Mundia Show New The Hague Interactive Unique Animal Children's Party

Mappa Mundia show 

De Mappa Mundia Show is an interactive and educational show that takes children on a journey around the world without leaving their own city.

Our experienced rangers provide an exciting mix of natural, educational stories and interactive elements, all aimed at increasing children's knowledge of animals.

Duration approx. 90 minutes
Price: €18,95

reservations@avonturia. Nl

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Kitchen Video 1920x622 Still Image

Adventurous snack food

With the 'all over the world' concept, the children can fully enjoy an adventurous dinner including free naturalia.

The food can be booked with every party.

Duration approx. after your own interpretation
Price: on request

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Children's party Celebrating In The Hague Children's party Avonturia

The guides

When you go to a children's party Avonturia you will be guided in the activities of your choice, by the Zooper guide. The Zooper guide will turn your party into an unforgettable Adventure. The costs of a Zooper guide are 29,50 (per hour). When you attend your children's party Avonturia You will be met at the main entrance by the guide, who will escort you and your friends to a separate room. This space is called the Adventure Hour and is on its Avonturiaand dressed.

Watch our Youtube series 'Ranger knows what to do' and meet one of our Rangers.

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Dyeing Activities Avonturia


At Avonturia de Vogelkelder you can enjoy the best activities 7 days a week.
Reservations are not necessary for this and you choose the desired activity yourself. Are you interested in an Adventure with a larger group? Then . has Avonturia We have put together various packages especially for you. These must be reserved in advance.

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