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Cracking lava balls

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Lavabol Kraken New The Hague Avonturia

Fun and educational

NB! During Black Friday to Monday, the lava ball cracking is not possible!

Cracking a lava sphere is one of the many activities at Avonturia de Vogelkelder in The Hague.
Cracking a real lava sphere is 7,95 per lava sphere, this activity can be combined with a free quiz! You can take the quiz home with you! In addition to cracking a lava sphere, children also receive a free quiz. Search for the answers and learn all about a lava sphere that is no less than 80 million years old.

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Lava spheres Kraken Activity New The Hague

Do you have muscles?

Cracking a lava ball does require some force, so how are your muscles doing? The little ones among us are helped with the squatting by one of our supervisors. The inside of such a lava sphere is incredibly beautiful and special!
You will of course be able to take your own cracked lava sphere home with you, so that you can give it a nice spot! Reservations are not necessary for this activity, you can register on the Kadowereld.
(large groups, schools and children's parties must book) Price: 7,95

Children's party Celebrating In The Hague Children's party Avonturia

Adventurous Children's Party

You celebrate the most Adventurous children's party at Avonturia de Vogelkelder in The Hague.
Put together your own party and experience a special Adventure with your friends!

Or discover the videos of ranger Kevin in 'Ranger knows what to do'

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