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Ranger VIP card

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Holiday tip VIP Card


From now on you can feel like a real Ranger VIP Avonturia. For only 14,95 per package you get:

  • gold prospecting
  • Mappa Mundia
  • Kids menu
  • Avonturia Lanyard

This VIP card is available at our basecamp.

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gold prospecting

gold prospecting

Gold panning is an activity in which the ranger looks for hidden treasures, such as golden pyrites and gemstones, which are often hidden in sand underwater. Armed with tools for a real gold prospector, you go through the sand in search of glittering finds. It's a fun and educational experience that brings out the explorer in children of all ages.

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Cave System Mappa Mundia Zoo The Hague

Mappa Mundia

Mappa Mundia is the main attraction Avonturia where visitors have the opportunity to explore the world in a unique way. With a centuries-old map in your pocket, Mappa Mundia offers a fascinating look at different cultures, geographies and habitats around the world. Rangers can immerse themselves in the world of Professor Das. He takes you on a journey through different storylines. It's a great opportunity for families to learn and explore together, while enjoying the special environment.

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Frogbox Kitchen Avonturia

Kids menu

The kids menu Avonturia is a delicious treat for young gourmets. With a range of tasty options, specially formulated to tantalize children's taste buds, there's something for everyone. From crispy chicken pieces to simple crisps. Delicious topped with fries and an adventurous find. A wonderful end to the day!

Mappa Mundia Show New The Hague Interactive Unique Animal Children's Party

Adventure show

Every Sunday you can enjoy a great show! So if you come on a Sunday you will get this for free with your entrance to Mappa Mundia.

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