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Figuring out owl balls

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Figuring Out Owl Balls Activities Avonturia

figuring out

Figuring out owl balls is one of the many activities for children and adults that is possible at Avonturia† An owl is a bird of prey and eats, for example, various small rodents such as mice and rats. The owl vomits the undigested parts such as bones, in the shape of an owl ball, also called vomit ball.

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Owl Ball Figuring Out Vomit Ball Owl

Exploring yourself

With the help of tweezers and a identification sheet you can pick out this real owl ball!
Stick all the bones you find in a photo frame, so that you have a nice overview.
This activity is suitable for children from 6 years old. You can only sift through an owl ball during a children's party or you can order it online to do the activity at home.

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Children's party Celebrating In The Hague Children's party Avonturia

Adventurous Children's Party

You celebrate the most Adventurous children's party at Avonturia de Vogelkelder in The Hague.
Put together your own party and experience a special Adventure with your friends!

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