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Acacia Tree Gum Arabic On Tree

All about Gum Arabic

Gum Arabic: The Surprising Ingredient for Foraging

Arabic gom, also known as acacia gum, is a natural and versatile ingredient that has played a role in various aspects of our lives for centuries. Derived from the bark of certain acacia trees, this natural resin has properties that make it suitable for a variety of applications, ranging from food and medicine to industry and even our pet care.

In this blog we delve deeper into the world of Arabic gom and discover the diverse ways it positively impacts our daily lives, with a special focus on supporting the natural foraging behavior of our beloved pets.

What is Gum Arabic?

Arabic gom, also known as acacia gum, is a natural vegetable resin obtained from the bark of various species of acacia trees, mainly Acacia senegal and Acacia seyal.

This resin is sticky and water-soluble in its original form, but it can be processed into different forms, such as powder or chunks.

Gum arabic is a versatile natural resin with water solubility and stickiness, which has been used for centuries in food, medicine and industry.

Acacia Tree

Arabic gom is famous for its versatility and has been used for centuries for various purposes ranging from culinary to industrial and medicinal applications.

It has properties such as water solubility, stickiness, and stability, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and more.

Acacia Tree Gum Arabic On Tree

What is Gum Arabic Used for?

You probably haven't before Arabic gom heard, but chances are you've eaten it several times without ever really thinking about it. This natural ingredient, also known as acacia gum, is widely used in foods that we eat every day.

One of the most common uses of acacia gum in the food industry is as a natural thickener, stabilizer and emulsifier. It has the extraordinary ability to thicken liquids without making them cloudy.

Gum arabic is a versatile natural product and can therefore be found in our food, medicines and cosmetics.

Here are some foods in which you can: Arabic gom may encounter:

  • Soft drinks
  • Dairy products
  • Bakery products
  • Candy and Confectionery
  • Glaze and brighteners
  • Diet products
  • Sauces and dressings
  • Nutritional supplements

Arabic gom is therefore, despite its unknown name, an essential ingredient that improves our daily foods and enriches our culinary experience.

Gum Arabic Applications

Arabic Gum

Back Zoo Nature Gum Arabic

Back ZooNature Arabic gom is a natural binding agent from Acacia trees, especially for enriching the daily routine of birds and rodents.

It offers an adventurous way to provide snacks and nutrition by securing them with a sticky, soluble mass.

It is a valuable addition for owners who want to entertain and enrich their pets with a natural and biodegradable solution.”

Gum Arabic for Pets

Besides the fact that Arabic gom has been used for centuries in various human applications, it is also a valuable ingredient for our pets.

Arabic gom is extracted from a sustainable source. And it is a completely natural, plant-based and safe ingredient for our pets!

One of the most striking features of Arabic gom is its natural adhesive power. This sticky substance can therefore be used perfectly to help our pets forage.

This makes it an ideal tool to provide our birds and rodents with a physical and mental challenge.

Gum Arabic Foraging Toy 1

Gum arabic is a natural and plant-based ingredient with remarkable properties. It is water soluble and sticky, making it ideal for encouraging foraging behavior in pets. This sustainable and degradable substance not only promotes physical activity but also contributes to the mental well-being of our beloved pets. It is a versatile ingredient that can have a positive impact on their quality of life.

Why is Foraging so important for Pets?

Foraging, or the active search for food, is crucial for birds and rodents. This behavior not only provides them with essential nutrients. But also provides mental and physical stimulation, preventing boredom and promoting their overall well-being. In addition, foraging keeps these animals moving, which contributes to healthy body condition and muscle function.

In the wild, our pets spend 8 to 10 hours a day foraging. If they are not given the opportunity to demonstrate this natural behavior, they suddenly have a lot of free time on their hands. And if they have nothing to keep themselves busy, this can lead to problems. Such as boredom, stress and even health problems.

Food supply: Foraging is the primary way birds and rodents find food to meet their energy and nutritional needs. By actively foraging for food, they can maintain their body weight, which is essential for survival, growth and reproduction.

Behavioral Enrichment: Foraging provides mental and physical stimulation for these animals. The process of searching for food, making choices and using different skills contributes to their well-being. It keeps their minds active and reduces boredom.

Foraging is essential for birds and rodents, it promotes their well-being and health. Stimulate their natural behavior by offering food in a challenging way.

Physical exercise: When foraging, birds and rodents often move over a large area. This provides exercise and helps maintain healthy muscle and joint function. It also prevents overweight and obesity, which can lead to health problems.

Preventing unwanted behavior: When birds and rodents are not busy foraging, they may become bored or exhibit unwanted behavior. Giving them the opportunity to forage naturally often reduces this behavior.

It is therefore important to support the natural foraging behavior of our pets. You can easily provide this by offering them food in a different way than simply placing them in a boring food bowl.

By using food search puzzles, interactive toys, tools like Arabic gom or enrichment activities, we can challenge and encourage our pets to be active in finding their food. Which not only improves their physical health, but also promotes their mental well-being. In this way we can create an environment that supports the natural behavior of our pets and enriches their quality of life.


Arabic gom, a natural and plant-based resin, is a valuable tool for supporting the natural foraging behavior of our pets, such as birds and rodents.

With its natural adhesive power Arabic gom are used to stimulate and challenge pets while foraging.

Gum Arabic: A natural aid to support the foraging behavior of pets and promote their well-being

This not only promotes their physical activity, but also their mental well-being. It is a sustainable, natural, and safe ingredient that plays an important role in improving the lives of our beloved pets, while at the same time matching their natural behavior.

By Arabic gom Including it in the care of our pets, we can enrich their overall quality of life.

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