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tree frogs

The tree frog is a small grass-green frog with suction cups at the end of the fingers and toes, so that the tree frog can be seen as a full-fledged climber. Between the green back and light belly there is a brown-black band on the flanks. The "real" tree frog occurs in a large part of Europe and is even the only species from the tree frog family that we can find in nature in the Netherlands and Belgium. The tree frog feels most comfortable in open & sunny places in a densely vegetated and fairly humid environment near water. The tree frog mainly eats insects. Read more…

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tree frogs

Sufficient expert knowledge is important to offer tree frogs a good home. Get enough information from specialists and make sure you know what it takes to bring tree frogs into your home. Good housing is essential for these animals. Always try to imitate the habitat of the tree frog in a natural way so that the frog feels comfortable and safe. Think of a large terrarium/paludarium, a good ground cover, an irrigation device or a hand sprayer, but also the right food and supplements.

The tree frog has orange eyes with a nice horizontal pupil and a well visible eardrum. This frog can also change its color from light brown to dark green. Male tree frogs have a very large vocal sac under the chin, which is only visible when croaking. The tree frog can grow to about 5 cm. Young tree frogs have the same appearance as adults. These animals are therefore provided with the colors of the environment they like to be in and in this way protect themselves in nature against their natural enemies such as birds or other (larger) mammals.

The sound that tree frogs make can mainly be heard on warm evenings, but you can certainly hear them croaking in late summer. However, they are croaking to a lesser extent in late summer.

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