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poison frogs

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Poison frogs are a superfamily of more than 300 species native to Central and South America. The Dutch name poison frog or poison dart frog refers to the toxicity of the frogs and the fact that the poison of the frogs is used by indigenous tribes in the rainforest to provide arrowheads with poison for hunting. (Arrow) Poison frogs are available in all kinds of different colors and patterns, which also makes them beautiful to look at. They do not transmit the poison that these frogs possess by biting, the poison is in the skin and is released during, for example, excessive stress and is only dangerous if the poison ends up directly in the bloodstream of the attacker. However, there are only a few frogs that have so much poison that it is life-threatening. In fact, frogs in captivity almost lose their toxicity. This is thought to be due to the lack of an essential component in their food. Read more…

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poison frogs

Keeping poison frogs is a not so common hobby. You can inquire about the possibilities and the varieties with growers or specialists. Frogs actually only eat living and, above all, moving prey, mostly insects. Because of the movement of the food, the poisonous frog recognizes it as food and will hunt in this way. Provide a beautiful and natural terrarium for your poison frogs and they will quickly feel at home. If frogs feel at home, they will reproduce more easily and are easy to breed. Thanks to the beautiful colors that poison frogs are equipped with, these species of frogs are gaining popularity because they are very beautiful to look at. Frogs that have been bred in captivity are actually not or hardly poisonous. Poison frogs from wild caught also lose their toxicity after some time, but this can take a few days. The poison of poisonous frogs does not naturally have an offensive function as with snakes, but poisonous frogs can use it to protect themselves against predators, for example. The colors of the poisonous frogs serve as a warning in nature to indicate that they can be dangerous.

poison frog


Most poisonous frogs are diurnal. This means that the frogs are active during the day and mainly rest at night. This makes them nice pets because during the day you can enjoy a beautiful spectacle in your terrarium or paludarium. Be well informed in advance to offer these animals a good and pleasant home. Think of the right soil cover, not too wet and in any case a dry & slightly moist area. A soil with, for example, leaves is a good alternative. The temperature is essential to keep the animals in good condition. In the winter months, if desired, a heat mat can also be placed to provide extra warmth. Because the skin of poison frogs is quite thin, it can dry out very quickly. That is why it is important to create a small and not too deep water area in your terrarium or paludarium. It is also important to water or install a sprinkler system to maintain the right humidity for your poison frogs.

There are several types of poisonous frogs for sale in our store and our specialists are happy to advise you on how best to create the right living environment and provide the best care for the poisonous frogs.

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