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Toads are a family of frogs. Originally this group was given the name Bufonina. You can generally recognize them by the dry, somewhat warty skin. Compared to frogs, the toad has a rather ungainly physique. They mainly use the short hind legs for walking instead of jumping like frogs often do (which is why frogs also have longer legs). The toad family is originally worldwide. There are about 590 different species worldwide. In the Netherlands, only the Common Toad and the Natterjack toad occur in nature. In general, toads hide during the day and crawl out at night. The eggs are carried by the male in strings on the hind legs until they hatch in shallow water. Read more…

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The toads' eyes are convex and they have no teeth. They are equipped with webbed feet so that they can cope well in the water. The ration of toads consists mainly of insects, snails, worms and spiders. Here they hunt at night. They hunt with their long, sticky tongues, which can shoot out of their mouths at lightning speed to catch their prey. When it gets colder they move slower and slower, this is because they are cold-blooded animals. When it gets too cold they go into hibernation and then wake up again when the temperatures are a bit more pleasant. Toads come in different colors and sizes. In the Netherlands there are also several toads in nature. The species have in common that the color is a bit dark, which makes them less noticeable in a swampy environment.

To know what you need to keep a toad, it is best to inquire with a specialist. Our specialists in our store in The Hague want to tell you everything about it so that you can offer your pet the best there is!

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