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Unique Meeting Room

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Unique meeting room

A brainstorming session, lecture, meeting or presentation, it is all possible. Even tours for companies (also behind the scenes) and parties can be arranged at Avonturia are organised. We receive companies from all over the world, especially in the field of animals and nature, but other companies from completely different sectors can also gain more than enough inspiration and experience in a unique environment.

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Jan Huijbersplein Mappa Mundia Zoo The Hague Expo Mini Zoo

Jan Huybersplein

On May 11, 2019, Jan Huybersplein will be open to the public as part of Mappa Mundia, a world where fantasy and reality come together. The square is surrounded by ancient buildings, a train station and unique shops such as Beetles & Butterflies and a Fish Dentist (for Sharks and Piranhas). The Patisserie is also located on the square, a catering facility in style, where you can order drinks and snacks. Jan Huybersplein has room for small to large groups, for example from 15 to a maximum of 50 people. The space can be rented in full by appointment. This can be combined with other activities for companies, such as a tour, see the company outings.

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Avonturia's Kitchen

's Kitchen Avonturia can be found on the 1st floor and is open during the opening hours of Avonturia open to the public. However, the Kitchen can be hired outside opening hours for presentations, lectures, meetings or a company party!Avonturia's Kitchen is decorated in a natural way, from trees and plants, to insects and animals. The Kitchen offers space for up to 100 people, in seating. Do you have a small group or would you like to visit during normal opening hours? Then a part can be closed by appointment, of course the Kitchen will remain accessible to the public during opening hours.

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Pinguinacademy Mappa Mundia Educational outing Children Zoo The Hague Expo Mini Zoo Pinguin

The Hague Penguin Academy

The Pinguin Academy in The Hague is a small schoolroom with very old-fashioned school desks. Everything is unique, even the school benches are not ordinary benches, open the cover and you will also find unique objects. This is the laboratory of “Professor Das”, where the penguins are the researchers. In this environment you are surrounded with showcases with unique items, of stuffed animals, skeletons, anatomy images, fossils, animals in spirit, etc. The space is equipped with a large screen, ten school desks and possibly space for extra chairs, suitable for small groups up to 20 people. Here too we can provide you with snacks and/or drinks. You will not come across a more unique meeting room!

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Not convinced yet?

Not unimportant, there is plenty of FREE parking both in front of the door and in the surrounding area.
Avonturia is located on the Kerketuinenweg 3 in The Hague, easily accessible via the A12 and N211.

More information about renting unique spaces? Mail to reservations@avonturia. Nl

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