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Donald With The Robin Fantasy Tree

The Robin Fantasy Tree: From Idea to Reality

Meet Donald! The Creative Spirit Who Brought The Robin Fantasy Tree To Life.

My name is Donald Huybers and I have been active in the animal world for more than 30 years. During this period my love for nature and everything that lives in it has only grown. This is why my mission is clear: I want to bring nature back to keeping pets. I strongly believe that a natural habitat is essential to the well-being of our beloved pets. With my knowledge and passion I want to inspire and encourage pet owners to look at the care and housing of their pet in a more natural way.

My mission is clear: to care for animals as nature intended! Together we can create a world where our pets receive care and housing that meets their natural needs.

This passion for animals and nature all started with my father, Jan Huybers, who started selling birds from our own basement under our house on September 18, 1976. This was the very beginning of “De Vogelkelder".

Over the past 45 years, “De Vogelkelder” has become a household name in The Hague and the surrounding area. Now known by the name Avonturia de Vogelkelder we are the largest and most adventurous pet specialty store in the Benelux.

Jan Mitten
Avonturia de Vogelkelder Mient Formerly Jimmy Jan Huijbers aviary

Animal Love: From Reptiles to Birds

My father had a deep passion for birds, which eventually led to the creation of de Vogelkelder.

Unlike him, I was never really attracted to birds and was fascinated by reptiles from an early age.

What attracts me so much about keeping reptiles is that a lot of attention is paid to creating a natural environment for the animal.

My passion for reptiles grew because keeping these animals is closely connected to nature. Reptiles are all about understanding their natural habitats and how to replicate them as closely as possible.

A New Approach to Housing Birds

When my father died suddenly in 2016, there came a time when I started investigating why I never found birds as interesting as my father did. I realized that I did like birds, but that it was mainly the way birds were kept and how people thought about them that I didn't like.

With reptiles, we try to imitate the natural habitat as closely as possible, so that the reptiles feel comfortable in a natural environment for them. This is in contrast to birds, where the emphasis was often on practical aspects, such as small cages that are easy to clean, with just a simple round stick in the middle.

Birds deserve a better living environment: a new approach with respect for their natural needs and freedom.

Slowly I realized that I was indeed interested in birds, just with a completely different approach. When I started thinking about the way we keep birds in our homes, I realized something had to change. Birds are naturally free and active, but we often see them kept in small cages without much room to move.

This is an image that bothers me and I would like to be able to make a difference. I want to approach birds in a different way, with more respect for their natural needs and freedom. This insight formed the basis for my search for a new way of giving according to a better and true-to-nature living environment.

We all know the expression “As free as a bird“. This symbolizes freedom, without worries and restrictions, similar to the unfettered movement of birds in the sky.

Robin Fantasy Tree

My Mission! Nature back at home

So this is where my mission started! I want to change the way we keep birds in our homes. In nature birds have a lot of freedom and when they are not flying they are in and around trees.

Trees and birds form a harmonious interplay in nature, in which they live hand in hand.

That is why my focus is on creating a natural environment in which birds can move freely and comfortably. And this is the Robin Fantasy Tree become.

The Robin Fantasy Tree Donald Who Perches Sort Out

Nature as Inspiration: Striving for Harmony and Balance

Nature is an endless source of inspiration for me. It is fascinating how everything in nature is in perfect harmony and balance. During my research and observations, I do not only focus on the animals themselves, but rather on the environment in which they live and the interactions that take place there. For this reason I spend a lot of time in nature and watch a lot of nature documentaries which are a valuable source of knowledge for me.

My mission was clear! I wanted to create a natural environment where birds can feel free and comfortable, just as they experience it in the wild.

By being inspired by the natural environments and processes I can further develop my vision. And strive for a living environment for birds that is in line with the harmony and balance that nature prevents.

The Robin Fantasy Tree Donald

And so my adventure with the Robin Fantasy Tree. My brother Jimmy had very sturdy trees imported from Indonesia.

These trees were then used as a cat and plant tree. Jimmy challenged me to see if I could make something else with this unique tree.

This teak tree became the basis for my new concept; the Robin Fantasy Tree. A very strong tree that is extremely suitable for birds and gives them a safe place where they can display natural behaviour.

Details determine the Success of the Robin Fantasy Tree

The entire process of design, collection of materials and construction of the Robin Fantasy Tree is a combination of inspiration from nature and my own creativity. I expanded the solid teak base with Java attacks. With this Java attacks I create extra seating space at different heights for your bird.

Strategic placement for optimal user pleasure

For me, the correct placement of the perch extremely important! This ensures that an optimal "movement flow" is created for your bird. While creating the Robin Fantasy Tree I visualize how your bird can move over the branches. From high to low, back and forth, just as they would in nature.

When selecting the java patches I make sure there is variation in the thickness of the branches. This mimics the natural diversity of branches in nature and ensures that your bird's feet are properly massaged. This causes annoying leg disorders, such as Bumblefoot, prevent.

With the Robin Fantasy Tree I want to show that it is possible to keep birds in a different way. With more respect for their natural needs and freedom.

The power of the wind

In nature it is never windless and this means that birds sometimes have to do acrobatic antics to stay put. To mimic this I place on every Robin Fantasy Tree a Spiral Rope, it moves back and forth and ensures that birds have to do the same antics as in nature. This moving Spiral Rope also ensures good foot and coordination training of your bird.

Connecting possibilities

Each Robin Fantasy Tree I provide 4 to 6 strategically placed hooks or eyes. These attachment points offer you as a bird owner the opportunity to bird toys to hang up. This allows you to easily create extra enrichment and stimulation for your bird.

In addition, it is possible to use several hooks and eyes Robin Fantasy Trees to connect with each other. You can place several trees in a space and control them sisal rope connect with each other. Or you can your Robin Fantasy Tree connect to the cage of aviary of your bird.

Different sizes

I make the Robin Fantasy Tree in 3 different sizes; 1 focused on the smaller size Cockatiel & Bonte Boertje, 1 size on the African Gray Parrot & Noble Parrot and the largest size focused on the size Search & Cockatoo.

Do you have specific wishes for your own Robin Fantasy Tree? Then take it easy contact with us. Then I will do my best to create a Robin Fantasy Tree that meets all your wishes and ideas.

The Robin Fantasy Tree Donald Busy With The Placement

Optimize your bird's living environment with UV lighting

If you want to offer your bird a living environment that is as natural as possible, I recommend using above the Robin Fantasy Tree UV lighting to hang. I'm convinced that UV lighting plays an essential role in the well-being of birds and contributes to creating a natural and healthy environment for your bird.

UV lighting is an important part of the care of your bird. It helps them to exhibit natural behavior and promote their well-being.

Did you know that the lack of UV lighting in your bird gives similar symptoms to a spicy winter depression in humans?

Birds can use UVB radiation to make vitamin D3 in their bodies, which is essential for proper calcium absorption and healthy bones.

In addition, UV light influence on behaviour, reproduction and plumage of birds. It provides better color reproduction and this helps to perform important daily activities such as foraging, resting and communicating.

Do you want to know everything about UV lighting? Read it in our blog “All information about UV Lamps"

Robin Fantasy Tree Soldier Macaw

Where does the name Robin Fantasy Tree come from?

During the process of brainstorming and creating the very first Robin Fantasy Tree I was inspired by my son Robin. He encouraged me to think outside the box and let my imagination run wild. That is why the tree bears the name Robin Fantasy Tree, as a tribute to my source of inspiration and the ability to dream and fantasize.

What will the future bring?

I enjoy continuing to dream, fantasize and develop, always with nature as the central starting point. It is my constant pursuit to develop new and improved products that fit my mission and vision.

For the future I have the idea to integrate more cork products in the Robin Fantasy Tree. I strongly believe in the power of cork and am convinced it would be a great addition.

Marco And Donald With Robin Fantasy Tree

I create with great pleasure and passion Robin Fantasy Tree Bird Trees. It's a great experience to apply my knowledge about nature and to see how the trees I make contribute to keeping birds natural.

I feel very proud that the Robin Fantasy Tree is currently one of our most loved products. It gives me satisfaction to know that I can inspire a large number of bird lovers to provide an optimal living environment for their bird.


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