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Birds are beautiful animals and the group consists of a large number of species. From the birds of paradise to parrots to parakeets to the sparrow in your garden, the bird group consists of more than 10.000 species of birds. One even more colorful than the other, beautiful.

But what makes a bird a bird? Does the animal have feathers? And does the animal have a beak? And does the animal lay eggs? Then it is most likely a bird. You might now be thinking: ''Yes, but they also fly''. But do not forget that, for example, kiwis, chickens, ostriches and quail are also birds, but cannot fly.

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The origin of the bird is far in the past. In the Jurassic era to be precise. There was then a reptile that was tired of walking everywhere, it took so long to get anywhere, this reptile evolved over several generations into the ancient bird Archeopteryx. This is the first saurian with feathers and wings. This primeval bird is the cradle of all bird species that we know on earth. It is strange to think that a bird is an evolution of a reptile, but look closely at the legs of a bird and you will see that the bird has secretly kept some of its ancestors. In general, birds still have scales on their legs.


The types of birds that are most often kept in the living room are: the tropical birds, parrots, parakeets and lovebirds. This is partly because these birds are (generally) easy to keep in the house. For example, a duck seems nice as a pet. but making a swimming pool at home is impossible. The smaller species of birds are therefore most often kept in the house, such as the popular canaries, budgerigars and zebra finches.

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