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Animals of Mappa Mundia

Mappa Mundia Logo

The inhabitants of Mappa Mundia

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Mappa Mundia logo Entrance Expo Mini Zoo The Hague Zoo

Animals of Mappa Mundia

You can find the zoo of The Hague at Avonturia† When the barrier goes up, the adventure through the caves begins. Here you can admire Fennec foxes, Meerkats and Bats. When you continue your journey you will arrive in Expedition Bombay, where the Princess Emely is located, a beautiful boat where you can also play between the ropes and boxes of the harbor. Before you resume your tour, you can relax on Jan Huybersplein with a tasty snack or drink from the patisserie. There is also plenty to discover and experience on Jan Huybersplein. The most unique are the many detailed shops, there is a “Beetles & Butterfly's”, a Fish Dentist (for Sharks and Piranhas), a clock shop Father Time and many more nice shops. There is even a real train station built there where children can climb through and over everything and view the square from above.
Meerkat Meerkat Zoo The Hague Mappa Mundia Expo Mini Zoo


Hey! We are a meerkat family and live in the caves of Mappa Mundia. We are originally from South Africa and we belong to the mongoose.
We are small predators and prefer to eat small prey such as: lizards, small rodents, scorpions or even snakes!
We are also very brave and can even chase very large enemies with a large group. The most special thing about us is that we are immune to the venom of snakes and scorpions.


Dwarf Mangoose On A Branch Avonturia Mappa Mundia

dwarf mongooses

We are the dwarf mongooses and also live in the caves of Mappa Mundia. Besides our family, the meerkats.
In the wild we live from East to South Africa, we also belong to the mongoose family. We are quite different from our relatives the chestnut mongoose and meerkats, because we are much smaller!
We also have a beautiful red-brown fur, which makes us look like little teddy bears. We like to hide in underground tunnel systems that we dig ourselves. We also like to hide our food here. We love mice, chicks and every now and then a piece of fruit goes in too!


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You celebrate the most Adventurous children's party at Avonturia de Vogelkelder in The Hague.
Put together your own party and experience a special Adventure together with your friends! And meet all the Animals of Mappa Mundia

Fennec Fox Mappa Mundia Expo Mini Zoo The Hague Zoo

fennec foxes

Our names are Frank and Frey and we are brother and sister.
We were raised by the caretakers of Mappa Mundia and now live together in an enclosure within the caves. We are desert foxes with very large ears. We can hear very well with our large ears. We can even hear small insects walking under the sand! We can dig very quickly and get tasty snacks. In here Avonturia we eat chicks and mice. Sometimes we also get mealworms and grasshoppers and we really think this is a treat!

Recently a Fennek Fox has come to live with our pack, we think this is very cozy.

Bats and Bats

Hey! We are the bats and dogs of Mappa Mundia and we live in a large group in a cave on the top floor.
We are very special to see and hang upside down for about the whole day. Our body is only +/- 6 cm long, but our wings have a wingspan of about 30 cm! When we have babies, we keep them hidden under our wings until they are big enough to fly on their own. Our biggest hobby is food and we do that a lot! Every day we get a wide range of food from watermelon to honey banana porridge. We regularly hang upside down in front of the window of our cave so you can get a good look at us up close!
Paper Background Image Mappa Mundia Avonturia Corner Lower Right Logo Mappa Mundia Avonturia


Avonturia kitchen takes you 'all over the world' with vegetarian dishes as well as dishes from Mexico, Holland, Asia or even Hawaii. The little adventurers also always get a beautiful naturalis to take home from any random country. Visit the Kitchen in The Hague and discover your favorite dish.

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Tenrec Hedgehogs Baby New Outing The Hague Kids Hedgehog

tenrec hedgehogs



We Tenrec Hedgehogs also live in the caves of Mappa Mundia. In the wild we live on Madagascar and nearby islands. We are real nocturnal animals, so during the day you will always see us lazing around. We like different kinds of food such as plants and fruits, but also meat.

We hibernate for a large part of the year. You can still see us, only we are sleeping in the same place for weeks on end. We only wake up every now and then to eat and drink a little bit.


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Argus Monitor (Panoptes varanus)

Argus monitor l

We are the newest inhabitants of Mappa Mundia, the Argus Varanen, also known as the Varanus Panoptes. We come from northern and western regions of Australia and southern New Guinea. But we also really enjoy our natural stay in The Hague with its own waterfall. Our Creative Habitat Designers make them feel right at home. These toppers have ensured that our natural environment has been imitated in The Hague.
Paper Background Image Mappa Mundia Avonturia Corner Lower Right Logo Mappa Mundia Avonturia

The Hague rat sewer

What did our sewerage really look like in The Hague in the past? With the travels of Professor Das, on this expedition through Mappa Mundia you will experience it all. We hope that you are not afraid of mice and rats… Because you will undoubtedly encounter them!

Tamiops Swinhoei Striped Tree Squirrel

Chinese Striped Tree Squirrels

We are the tree squirrels of Mappa Mundia and we are a fun busy family. We can climb very well and are also very fast! Have you ever tried to count how many we are? We jump from left to right and even make it difficult for the caretakers! We like to eat different kinds of seeds and nuts. We get a bucket full of this every day. We are also very fond of fruit, we especially love orange and melon! Will you come and admire us and the other animals of Mappa Mundia soon?
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