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At Avonturia de Vogelkelder a wide range of spiders can always be found. Even prepared molts and tarantulas are sometimes available from the reptile department in our store in The Hague. Spiders can be found all over the world in all shapes and sizes and they manage to survive in almost all biotopes. Tree spiders, digging spiders, ground spiders, among others, around 40.000 species inhabit this earth with us. To keep (tarantula) spiders it is important to take into account various things depending on what type of spider it is. When it comes to housing, it is important to consider the size of the spider. Read more…

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The tree spider, for example, needs a high container just like the digging spider, but make sure you have a deep container with lots of potting soil and/or humus in which they can dig a network of tunnels. Examples of this can be found on our reptile world in our shop Avonturia de Vogelkelder in The Hague. Always keep in mind the humidity level in a terrarium, there are spiders that need a lot of moisture, but also spiders that thrive with less moisture. Always make sure that a spider can choose between a dry and humid climate. Spiders eat all kinds of living animals that are smaller than themselves. For example, small (fruit) flies, crickets, grasshoppers, etc. Special insect gel is a perfect product to use as food for tarantulas. This special gel product contains a high content of calcium which is very nutritious and the spider can also get moisture in this way at the same time.



There are several captive bred species of spiders such as: Brachypelma species, Aphonopelma species, Avicularia species, Grammostola species, Lasiodora species, Poecilotheria species, the Cyclosternum Fasciatus, Theraphosa Blondi etc. Another very interesting type of spider is the Nephila species or the giant orb-web spider. . These spiders can even make webs up to 3 to 5 meters in diameter. This very impressive spider has a web thread of very strong material. There is even a story about the material being an ingredient of a bulletproof vest. The females of this species are larger than the male. This kind can also be found
in our store Avonturia de Vogelkelder in The Hague at the reptile department.


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