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Mappa Mundia

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Mappa Mundia Expo Mini Zoo Zoo The Hague Caves


The cave system was discovered by Professor Das during the archaeological excavations. They are in January 2010, during the opening of Avonturiamade accessible to the public. While exploring this cave system, you'll find yourself in a multi-way tunnel system, so keep your Mappa Mundia map handy and don't get lost during Professor Das' adventures!

Corner Center Left Egypt Statue Mappa Mundia Avonturia
Mappa Mundia Expo Mini Zoo Zoo The Hague Caves prehistory cave painting


The cave system of Mappa Mundia has several corridors and unique discoveries. In addition to beautiful Temples, a mummy from the Empire of Pharaoh Chupuluku and real animals, such as Fennec Fox and Meerkats, there is also an Ammonite Bank, Stepstone Cave and Stalactite Cave to discover! Do you dare to walk on the stepping stones in the cave system? Be careful not to fall into the water!

Take a good look around you, because you probably spontaneously walked past the special Adventure Tree? In this tree you can climb up and encounter a very special people. Don't take the stairs up at the murals yet, towards the Dripsteen Cave, otherwise you'll miss the largest and most beautiful part of the entire expedition! The expedition has been further expanded with a completely new section in 2016: Expedition Bombay, the Jan Huybersplein and the Rat Sewer in The Hague!

Stepping stones Mappa Mundia Zoo The Hague Expo Mini Zoo
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