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Real Lizards

True lizards come from the lizard family. The different species of this family are spread over almost all of Europe. Some species live in other parts of the world such as Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Real lizards are also called collar lizards, they owe the name to their appearance mainly to the fold in the neck that can be clearly seen when they turn the neck. In the past, these lizards were called wall lizards, but most real lizards are typical bottom dwellers, but there are also species that like to climb on the walls.

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Real Lizards

The Real lizards do not have many body decorations such as spines, horns or throat pouches. They look quite "dull" & "simple" compared to other lizards. There are 339 different species of true lizards. The living environment and circumstances differ quite a lot from each other.

It is therefore very important to really delve into the different types. When keeping lizards you really have to be well prepared to provide the lizard with a good and pleasant life. Consideration must be given to housing, climate, diet and the design of the living environment.

If you are interested in keeping the Real lizard as a pet, do some research on the species and educate yourself. Good housing and care is important for the lizard to lead a complete and happy life. Our specialists from the reptile department in our store in The Hague are happy to tell you all about it.

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