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With more than 1710 species, the skinks are the largest family of lizards and even of all vertebrates. Skinks have a great diversity in appearance, they come in all different shapes and sizes. For example, there are species that are almost indistinguishable from snakes and other species look more like slow worms or lizards. In general, skinks are approximately between 10 and 20 cm in size including tail. However, some species can be longer than 30 cm, the largest species can be more than 60 cm long including tail. Like other members of the lizard family, skinks can shed their tails when there is danger of deceiving the enemy. Also in skinks the tail eventually grows back. Read more…

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They occur all over the world, but only in warmer regions. They are also present in Europe, but mainly around the Mediterranean. Skinks mainly prey on insects, but some species have a deviant diet and only hunt on snails or eat plant parts regularly and sometimes they can even become completely vegetarian. Skink reproduction varies by species. Most species are oviparous but others give birth to live young. In general, skinks have the same physique and are therefore easy to distinguish from other lizards. Skinks usually have a rounded body, a long tail and small legs. The body is usually very smooth with scales overlapping one another. The scales are shiny, their bodies seem to be glazed. There are some exceptions where the scales are keeled. Virtually all skinks have good camouflage where the body color is adapted to the environment where the skink lives. In the wild, these animals mainly live in the warmer areas to around the Mediterranean Sea. There are no skinks in the wild in Belgium and the Netherlands.

bluetongue skink


Skinks often have several mating periods per year. In some species, the males get a courtship color during the mating season, such as a bright red head. Males like and often defend their own territory where fierce fighting can break out. Skinks are often oviparous, but there is also a part (1/3) viviparous, so the young are born alive. As soon as young are born, they immediately take on a life of their own, they eat the same prey as the adults but take a smaller one. Most skinks live a few years, but there are also outliers, the largest types of skinks can live to be 10 to 15 years old.

They are fun and beautiful animals to keep. Be well informed about what you can expect from the skink, how to care for these beautiful creatures and what equipment you need to offer the skink a good home. Our specialists in the store in The Hague are happy to inform you without obligation!

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