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How many litter boxes?

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Cats and their litter box.

We're going to talk about cats and their litter boxes. They are made in all shapes and sizes and it is therefore wise to think carefully about the purchase. Obviously the size is important and whether it looks nice. Yet there are still peripheral matters that make using the litter box for your house cat as comfortable as possible. Such as there are the cleaning, the location of the bin and the filling. We will also deal with this.
Cats are quite similar to humans in toilet habits. When people go to the toilet they want
also like a clean pot, enough space and don't want to be bothered or watched. cats hooves
not even a newspaper yet, but the rest is quite similar. So let's see if you are enough
have baking at home.

How many litter boxes should I have in the house?

That depends on how many cats you have. The maxim used is:
The number of cats plus one.
So one cat is two boxes, two cats is three boxes, and so on.
If you have several floors in your house, it is wise to have at least one on each floor
to put back on.
Cats like a clean and tidy toilet. So when the box has been used, he will not like it
to go. It sounds very logical when you have several cats, but also if the cat is your only child or cat
he would prefer not to use the litter box twice in a row.
A cat urinates on average twice a day and poops once a day. So keeping it clean is important.

  •  Scoop out twice a day.
  • Rinse well once a week with hot water and a biodegradable
    detergent is best. Do not use chlorine bleach, vinegar or bleach. These are scents where a cat
    don't like.


What should you take into account when purchasing?

People don't like to look at a litter box, but that's part of keeping a cat. There is a variety of models, but in this article we will stick to comfort for the cat. What cats like best is to approach their natural behavior as closely as possible. In nature, cats prefer to do their business in a quiet place, in the earth or sand where they can turn and dig beforehand.

So the size is important:

• A box must therefore be at least 1,5 times the length of your cat. (The tail
not count)
Every cat has its own preference, there are plenty of cats that have no problem with a hood over
their box, but in general cats are not happy with a hatch in front of the box.
They always want to be on their guard. Also on the toilet, so make sure the cat has an overview of its environment
has. That brings us straight to the best location for the litter box.

Where do you put the bin and down? And where not:

• Place the container in a quiet place. Not where it is noisy, so not next to, for example, a
washing machine. And don't put it in the hallway when a lot of people pass by. He does want the
monitor the environment.
• Do not place two containers next to each other. For a cat, that's one place. So rather not do it.
• Do not place the bowl next to their food bowl. Who wants to eat next to the toilet?
• Do not place the tray in the sun or directly on the underfloor heating. The heat creates bad odors –
both for you and for the cat – and promotes the growth of bacteria.
• Do not disturb a cat when it is on the box. A little privacy is in order.
• If you have several floors, place a container on each floor.

Which cat litter should I use?

Ground cover consists of many different materials. For example, you have cat litter made of wood, paper,
corn, soil, sand and silica. Every cat has his preference. You can feel free to use different types
trying out. Not every cat is the same, but in general it is best to keep it natural
best try to imitate a cat's behavior and what is also the easiest to clean for it
– Small grains are preferred. It most resembles sand and feels better on the feet.
– Use a cat litter that clumps together. This makes it easiest to scoop out the tray.
– A filling with a scent is possible, but is mainly for the owner. A cat doesn't care about a
nice fragrant bowl. As long as it doesn't stink. So keep it clean.
– Cover the bottom with at least 3 centimeters of the litter boxes.
Don't have enough information yet? Then come to Avonturia de Vogelkelder and view the extensive
range of litter boxes. Our staff are always there to help you make the best
choice for your fluff ball.
A clean and safe toilet, that makes everyone happy!

Shop here directly for Litter boxes of cat litter

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