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Mappa Mundia

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A special discovery was made in the cave system of Mappa Mundia, the Adventure Tree. How this tree ended up in the cave is a mystery. The tree probably fell through the ground due to its great weight and ended up in the cave. The large tree is at least 1000 years old and therefore perhaps the oldest tree in The Hague. In the tree there are all kinds of rooms and floors where there is plenty to discover. Climb inside to take a look yourself, but watch out for the roots.

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Professor Das made an even bigger discovery during his expedition, as it turned out that a very special people lived in the Adventure Tree! The creatures that have settled in the Adventure Tree are called the Zoopies, a male Zoopie is called a Zooper and a female a Zoopia. Professor Das has become good friends with the Zoopies.

The Zoopies are known for their great care for nature. They help a fox with a toothache directly and also help the squirrels search for chestnuts. A wedding with a turtle as a vehicle or a swimming party with the otters is more than normal. Das regularly goes out to drink a herbal beer with the spiritual chief Zoopie and to share their knowledge of flora and fauna.

In this way the professor learns a lot from the Zoopies and vice versa. Like their own language: Zoopian. If you listen very carefully in the Adventure Tree you can hear the Zoopies talking or even singing, because dancing and singing is something the Zoopies really like to do.

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