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Expedition bombay

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Expedition Bombay

When you step into the port of Bombay you immediately imagine yourself in India. This is one of Professor Das's favorite travel destinations. Besides the delicious food and the impressive culture, he is crazy about the colorful flora and diverse fauna that can be found in the jungle. Deep in the jungle, for example, he discovered a special, new plant species that he takes with him to the Netherlands for further research.
In the background you can hear the merchants shouting who are busy loading all Professor Das's finds into the ship: Princess Emely. We can also sail back to the Netherlands, but first stretch your legs on this beautiful square because it will be a long journey.
There is a lot to experience and discover here.
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Children can play between the crates of goods that are shipped here in the port of Bombay. You will also encounter a special ship, called the Princess Emely. This harbor is by no means the end station of your special Expedition through Mappa Mundia, because you haven't even met Professor Das himself yet!

Board the ship and end up back in Europe, in The Hague to be precise, where your expedition is far from over. We're not even halfway there yet! The next stop is the house of Professor Das himself, with the rat sewer in The Hague adjacent.

Do you dare even further?
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