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The Hague Rat Sewer

After departing Bombay harbor and disembarking from the boat Princess Emely, you arrive in one of the newest worlds of Mappa Mundia. You have arrived near the house of Professor Das himself, you can now go in two directions. Our advice, take a look at the real Hague Rat Sewer!

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Rat sewer sewer The Hague Formerly Rats Mice Zoo

Our sewerage

What did our sewerage really look like in The Hague in the past? You will experience it all with Professor Das' travels on this expedition through Mappa Mundia. The Hague Rat Sewer is located in the middle of Mappa Mundia. Step into the sewer and find out what happens when someone flushes their turd in the 19th century.

If you listen carefully, you can even hear the people of The Hague talking in their homes and on the street. Can you understand something with that flat The Hague accent?

We hope you are not afraid of mice and rats… because you will undoubtedly encounter them. We might prefer not to walk around in the sewer every day, but it is the ideal living environment in a busy city for rats and mice. They find enough food and safety in the sewer. Rats and mice are also very good swimmers. They like to do this in our waste water, they sometimes travel miles for food.

Did you survive the Rat Sewer? Then you can continue your expedition through Mappa Mundia and finally visit Professor Das' house at Jan Huybersplein and meet his researchers at the Penguin Academy.

Rat sewer Mappa Mundia Sewer The Hague Formerly Rat Zoo The Hague Expo Mini Zoo
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