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Mappa Mundia

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Professor Das

The story of Professor Das is set hundreds of years ago in a special place in The Hague. The absent-minded professor and explorer Mr Das lived in a beautiful mansion on Jan Huybersplein. His house stood on a beautiful square where several shops, businesses and an old station were located.
After his many travels, he decided to settle in this beautiful place to share all his discoveries with interested parties.

Professor Das had only one passion, collecting and discovering various naturalia and exotica from all over the world. From the age of five he was fascinated by a beautiful duck skull he had found. At least that's what he thought, years later this turned out to be the pelvic floor of the duck.

He traveled all over the world by train, boat but also by bicycle if it was nearby. After a long journey, he had suitcases and chests full of new exotic beauty. Shells, minerals, nuts, seafood, stuffed animals, insects, skeletons and skulls and feathers were among his finds. Through extensive research, all the time was spent on this passion and he left his house to be desired. His kitchen, toilet and bathroom had a very large cleaning backlog.

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Through his many travels, Professor Das had made many contacts and made alliances with several peoples. He discovered a small native people in a hollowed-out tree. These were the Zoopies, who live in the great adventure tree. The Zoopies are known for their great care for nature. They help a fox with a toothache directly and also help the squirrels search for chestnuts. A wedding with a turtle as a vehicle or a swimming party with the otters is more than normal. Das regularly goes out to drink a herbal beer with the spiritual chief Zoopie and to share their knowledge of flora and fauna.

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Penguin Academy

Over the years, Das has collected so much that he can no longer handle it alone. After a very long boat trip, he met very special friends, namely the Penguin Society. A club of scholars who have great wisdom about naturalia, which the average person has never seen. With this Society, Das has set up the Pinquin Academy in The Hague. They offer all the support and even give educational lessons to young and old in their own classroom.

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Jan Huijbersplein Mappa Mundia Zoo The Hague Expo Mini Zoo

Jan Huybersplein

Professor Das is in regular contact with his neighbours. That is quite easy because there is a cozy terrace in front of his door where he regularly takes a cup of herbal tea with a piece of welweweerd. All kinds of things are discussed in the square. Next to him is a beautiful shop: Beetles & Butterflies, there is a Fish Dentist especially for sharks and piranhas, a clock shop Father Time and a patisserie with delicious coffee and sweets.

The residents organize anything and everything on Jan Huybersplein, from live music to lectures and exhibitions. The professor has been quite in love for a long time. His girlfriend Marja comes by every now and then for fun, but also to create order in his large mansion. The most popular trips he enjoys are the trips to India to make new contacts in Expedition Bombay, Africa to observe the meerkats and Europe to search the caves.
By going on an Expedition in Mappa Mundia, you will get to know the stories of Professor Das from all over the world!
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