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Help! my dog ​​barks a lot Jack Russell Dog stop barking less

My dog ​​barks a lot

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Does your dog bark a lot?

Everyone knows it the dog of friends or neighbors who spend the whole day worrying about the smallest
thing barks. But what if it's your dog who does this? It doesn't matter if someone passes by
walking in the yard, the postman at the door, or other dogs or strange people
get too close to the walk. Your dog barks at everything. Barking is something a dog naturally
is doing. But if your dog barks a lot and for a long time compared to other dogs, maybe there is
something else going on. There could be several reasons why your dog barks so much. er
may be a behavioral disorder.

Does every dog ​​bark the same amount?

How often does a dog bark, what exactly is normal? There are dogs that hardly ever bark for it
smallest thing. You can compare it to people you might also be a chatterbox and your
partner is not much of a talker. There are also differences by breed in dogs. Some breeds are what
noisier and bark more. If your four-legged friend stops barking because of a warning from you,
there's nothing wrong. But if this isn't the case, and you can't get him to calm down, it's wise to
investigate what is going on. Does your dog's breed cause a lot of barking? Or is your
dog so much for another reason?

Why do dogs bark?

Often your dog does not bark for no reason. Just like humans, dogs also have the
need to express sight. And your four-legged friend doesn't bark to get on your nerves. he's on
the moment he barks probably just really happy to see you. Or your dog barks
enthusiasm because you are about to go out. This is all very normal. But
if your dog barks a lot in proportion in situations where this is not desirable, for example if
you meet other people on the street. Or does your four-legged friend bark continuously when people pass by?
walking home, then your dog's (negative) feelings. Often these feelings stem from
insecurity, fear, frustration and/or boredom.

• Barking out of uncertainty

If your dog barks a lot at other dogs or pedestrians, or if someone passes by your house,
then this is usually uncertainty or fear. Think about where this could come from? It's possible
be that you yourself are tense if you encounter another dog while walking. This
You unconsciously transfer this feeling to your four-legged friend. Your dog then starts barking a lot and for a long time,
because he thinks you need him.

• Barking out of frustration and/or boredom

Frustration can also be a reason why your dog barks so much. This frustration of your dog
could be because he is bored. Boredom can come because your four-legged friend has too little to do
has. Does your four-legged friend have enough toys to entertain himself with? Do you go regularly
with your dog outside for sufficient exercise? If your dog can't have fun on its own
and gets too little exercise, he gets frustrated. Your dog will bark a lot as soon as you
comes home. Or he barks a lot when you leave the house. The reason your dog barks so much is
actually asking for attention! Your dog would like you to give him attention and time with him

• Barking in pain

It's not just because of uncertainty, frustration or boredom that a dog barks. Also (chronic) pain or
other symptoms of, for example, a certain disease are the cause of the excessive barking of
your dog. It is wise to also visit the vet if your dog barks so much
without the aforementioned causes. You can then rule out that the cause of the many barking is not
illness. Or that your dog is not in pain.

How can you stop your dog from barking a lot?

It is of course important to find out the cause of the barking. Check for yourself when
and in which situations your four-legged friend barks a lot. If you have done this and know the reason for the many
If your dog barks, you can train your dog in a targeted manner.

More exercise and less boredom

Does your dog have too little to do and needs more exercise? Often a small block is for a lot
dogs not enough. Most dogs were not kept as companion animals in the past. The
most dog breeds had important tasks to perform. Think of dogs for the
hunting, or just to guard the yard. As a result, these dogs often had a lot
exercise. Your dog still needs that physical and mental challenge. je
you can think of a long walk. But also his retrieving, looking for toys and
learning little tricks very nice for the dog. This may not be enough for your dog. if
your dog has a lot of energy and stamina, a dog sport is probably suitable.

You can think of obedience, agility, tracking people. But also to
the slightly lesser known dog dancing. Find out what suits your dog best, what does he like? er
There are many different dog sports. There will surely be a suitable dog sport for you
be a quadruped. Because you do this activity together with your dog, it will have a positive effect on
have behavior. You will also get to know and trust each other better. A dog that is physically
and spiritually challenged will often also be calmer and more balanced. And because of this it will be many
often stop your dog's barking.


Make your dog more confident

Does your dog bark so much because he is anxious or insecure, you should tackle this during the
train. Anxiety and insecurity don't go away by taking him for a longer walk or more with him
to play him. Your dog needs you to feel like you're in control, and he
don't have to worry. The best way to do this is through a new relationship of trust with him
build up. You need a lot of patience and discipline for that. If you let your dog know that you
If you are a leader and that you are confident, your dog also feels this. Keep practicing this a lot and give
it's time because it doesn't just work all at once. By showing your dog time and again
that you are confident. And that you have every situation under control, your dog gets the feeling
that barking is not necessary.

Tips to reduce your dog's many barking

• Barking at the doorbell

When the doorbell rings and your dog starts barking. Many people tend to
to yell something like “Get off! Stop now!” Your dog will notice that you are excited too.
Therefore, he thinks he is doing everything right and barks in this situation. It's better for you
send the dog lovingly and confidently to a permanent place behind you. As soon as your dog is up
this place is then you can open the door. If your four-legged friend stays neatly in place and
does not bark, praise him. You can reward him with a treat or a toy too
to give. If he does bark, ignore him and ignore him. Tell the visitors this too
to do. By praising your dog's positive behavior and avoiding the unwanted behavior
ignore it, you can influence the dog's reaction.

• Barking while walking

You can also offer your four-legged friend security during your walks. if you put it on
holding the leash, this feels to the dog as an extension of your protective arm. Leave
your four-legged friend for walking, but determine the pace and direction yourself. If you during the
walk meet someone or another dog then just walk on without
react. This gives your dog security and shows him that barking is not necessary.
What you should not do is reassure your dog by speaking softly to him. go
Also don't run yelling that he shouldn't bark. That would make you more insecure
make and confirm correct behavior. Now praise him again when he stops barking.
For example, make sure you have some sweets with you while walking. Or bring a ball
while walking.

• Barking when left alone

If you leave your dog at home alone for a while and he barks a lot because of that. Then you actually do
exactly the same with rewarding positive behavior and ignoring negative behavior. if your
four-legged friend starts barking, so stay calm again. Practice this with your dog first for a
left alone for a short time. If this goes well, you can leave him alone for a little longer. If it
if your dog manages to stay calm and not bark then you praise/reward him. This is possible with
reassuring words, for example, but it can also be a candy. Also now again
if he barks a lot make sure to ignore him.

• routine

Most dogs that bark a lot are looking for security. They need a leader
who consistently shows them the way and whom they can trust. For your four-legged friend more
it is best to maintain a fixed routine every day. This allows
to orientate your dog. You are also the one who decides how your day will go. go
for example, take a walk with him every morning in which you have a small
obedience training with your four-legged friend. You can give him important
learn commands.

It is also important to give him his meals at fixed times
to give. Do this with when you go for a walk or when it's time to get together
play. Also during these daily activities it is important that you keep positive behavior
rewarded and ignore negative behaviors, such as lots of barking. This of course also takes a lot of time and
patience. Therefore, do not get angry if your four-legged friend does something wrong.

Can a dog school help with my dog's excessive barking?

Many dogs that are used to barking make a lot of sense, but even then you can still unlearn it. You need
don't panic because your dog is no longer a puppy, an older dog can still do you a lot
to learn. By continuing to train consistently you can unlearn a lot from your (older) dog and his behavior
change. It is true the older your dog is and the longer the many barking already a fixed
part of their lives, the longer it takes to unlearn. Sometimes you can't do it alone
you could enlist the help of an expert. Search online for a dog school near you
neighbourhood. They can help you to stop your dog from barking a lot.

So we can come to the conclusion that if your dog barks a lot, there is always a reason for it, and
there is certainly a solution for it. We hope that, after reading this blog, we will inform you a little further
were able to help. Good luck and have fun with your four-legged friend.


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