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Agams are a family of lizards in the order of the scale reptiles. The agams can be distinguished from most lizards because they stand on their legs and do not drag their belly on the ground. They are a very diverse group of lizards with a wide variation in body shape, body length & different external features such as throat pouches, neck crests & rows of spines. Compared to other families of lizards, agams are a very varied group with different body shapes. Agams are insectivores and that is what their diet consists of. Originally, the agams come from Asia, Africa and Australia, but these animals are absent in North and South America.

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Agams are carnivorous and eat insects and other small animals and eggs from other animals such as lizards. A number of species also occasionally eat berries, for example, but this is really an exception. The agams can communicate in different ways, the best known method is waving the legs and nodding the head. Many species can also express their state of mind with the color of their bodies, just as chameleons can, for example. Most agams are oviparous, the females usually lay the eggs which are then buried in the soil.

In general, agams are mainly found in tropical or subtropical regions, but there are some species that have adapted to cooler, drier or hot conditions and live in the steppes and deserts. A fairly large part of the agam species are soil-dwelling, but there are also species that live in trees or even in or along the water.

There are so many different varieties that all have their own care and specifications. Therefore, thoroughly study the different types and see which Agame best suits you and your situation, and check whether your expectations are realistic. Our specialists are happy to assist you in our store in The Hague.

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