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Amphibians are a class of vertebrate, cold-blooded animals with relatively naked or smooth skin. Think of frogs, salamanders, toads, etc. They can survive both on water and on land. A Paludarium is therefore a perfect choice as housing for these animals. However, all these animals with different types of animals require their own specific care. This includes selecting the right terrarium/paludarium, purchasing the right ground cover, and providing information about the right lighting to create the right climate. (This also includes an irrigation system or a hand sprayer) But the right nutrition with accompanying supplements can also be a puzzle. So before you start this hobby, read all the necessary information. Read more…

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Like reptiles, amphibians are cold-blooded animals. Their body temperature therefore does not remain the same, but depends on the ambient temperature. This prevents them from functioning properly if it is too hot or too cold. Most amphibians can tolerate cold better than heat. However, it is important to find the right balance here. It can be quite complex to figure this out, so be really well informed before you start the hobby so that you know what to expect and what is needed to keep the animal healthy and happy. There are, for example, different irrigation systems, but also hand sprayers to keep the humidity up to date.

Amphibians characterize this class because they undergo a special metamorphosis in their development. The larvae can only develop in the water and as they get bigger they can breathe through the developed lungs and live on land. Amphibians use their skin as a secondary breathing surface. Some small salamanders and frogs even breathe only through the skin. There are more than 8200 described amphibian species worldwide, so plenty of choice!

Be well informed about which species suits you and what you need to offer the animal what it needs. The specialists in our store in The Hague are happy to help you put together the most beautiful Paludarium.

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