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Geckos or Geckos are a group of reptiles belonging to the Lizards. The gecko gets its name from the clicking to screaming sounds that many species make, especially during the mating season. Geckos are one of the largest groups of vertebrates thanks to more than 2100 species. Geckos can be found in almost all warm regions worldwide. There they live under different conditions, from dense forests to desert-like areas, for example. Geckos can't live in pranks like Belgium & the Netherlands. But if you look at more southern Europe, some species are quite normal. Geckos come in an incredible variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

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Most geckos have nondescript colors and are well camouflaged. Almost all types of geckos are oviparous, usually 1 or maximum 2 eggs are laid per clutch. The gecko's food is insects. In countries where the gecko occurs, they are therefore also considered useful animals. Most geckos are now developed to be real tree climbers and can climb over branches and trunks with the greatest of ease. Geckos therefore mainly live in forests. Some geckos have developed into real bottom dwellers due to their environment. They also lack the adhesive strips under the toes with which the climbers can hold on.


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Compared to other lizards, geckos have a number of characteristics that you can always recognize them by. For example, the eyes of all geckos are relatively large compared to the rest of the body, as are the toes and fingers. Geckos also do not have large scales and therefore a flexible skin and the head is fairly flattened. The gecko's tail can be released if held on to it by a predator, for example. This allows them to outsmart their attacker, after all, the tail remains in place and the gecko can flee itself. The tail will grow back, but the place where the tail has let go will always remain a weak spot. If it is necessary to let go of the tail again, this will be in the same place. However, there are also geckos that have a fairly short tail, such as the button-tailed gecko. Males are often larger than the females, often the females are lighter and the males darker in color. In fact, almost all geckos are dusk and night active, meaning they are active at dusk and night and rest during the day. A very few species are active during the day, such as the Madagascar day gecko. Geckos hunt by using their tongues to smell their prey, they can only see moving prey. To determine which gecko best suits you and your expectations, you can read well in advance and then be informed by a specialist. Our specialists are ready for you in our store in The Hague. They know all the ins and outs about the hobby and are happy to help you on your way!

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