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striped poison frog

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Phyllobates Vittatus Striped Poison Dart Frog

striped poison frog

Name Dutch: striped poison frog
Scientific name: Phyllobates vittatus
Origin: Central America
Age: 7 to 15 years
Height: 25 - 35 mm
Day temperature: 22 - 26 ° C
Humidity: 60-80%
Activity: Day active
Legislation: CITES B
Climate: Tropical rainforest
Stay: Terrarium (paludarium)
Heat place: 28 ° c
Night temperature: 16 – 20°c
Night humidity: 80 - 100%
Minimum size: 50 x 50 x 50 cm

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This medium-sized poison frog is a somewhat shy species compared to other types of poison frogs. But because of its wonderful flute sessions that sound like a canary's song, this is a nice strain to keep. The vittatus is a black frog with 2 red to orange longitudinal stripes on the back that extend from the nose over the eyes to far over the back. The color of the legs can best be described as green-blue and this color continues to a light mottled pattern on the flanks. Originally, these poisonous frogs are found in western Costa Rica where they live near slow-flowing streams between boulders and fallen leaves.



3 adult Phyllobates vittatus can be kept in a paludarium of 50x50x50cm. The bottom is made up of peat plates, whimsical pieces of wood and tropical plants where the animals can hide well. The daytime temperature is between 24 and 28°C and may drop to a maximum of 20°C in the evening. The humidity during the day is around 70% and may increase in the evening. To achieve this, rain/spray systems must be purchased.

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Sex & Reproduction

It is difficult to determine the sex of the poison frog, the females are slightly larger and sturdier than the males. Unfortunately, this will not always be so clear. When it does, is when the animal will whistle. Then you at least know that you definitely have a man.

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