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Lizards (Lacertillia) are a suborder of the scale reptiles. This order has more than 6000 species. They are by far the largest group of all reptiles. Lizards generally do not grow larger than 50 cm including tail. A number of species can grow to more than 1 meter, but not many species, they are outliers. Most lizards have a green/brown color and a flattened body. The body is developed in such a way that you can clearly distinguish the head, tail and 4 legs from the rest of the body. The colors and variations in the structure of the lizards' bodies can be very different. There are some lizard species that have protrusions such as spines, combs, horns or collars. Read more…

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Lizards are cold-blooded animals and therefore like to enjoy (artificial) sun, which also helps them to move faster and to hunt and flee more efficiently. Lizards mainly eat insects and other arthropods. Proper care and housing to ensure a good future for your lizard are essential. Because there is a large variation in lizards, it also differs per specific species whether these animals are active or nocturnal.

Lizards are found worldwide only in the North of North America and the North of Asia have so far not been spotted. Most species live mainly in humid, tropical and subtropical regions. However, there are also species that have adapted to their environment and can now also survive well in dry areas such as the mountains, steppe and a few even in the desert. The bearded dragon is probably the most famous lizard of the desert. The difference in habitat with lizards is therefore enormous, it can be different for each species.

Darevskia Lizards


In general, the lizard's tail is as long as the body itself. The tail is an important tool for lizards. For example, the tail is used while running to maintain balance. In species that climb a lot, the tail is used as an extra gripping organ. Lizards can let go of the tail when danger threatens, this tail continues to wriggle for a while after casting because the body-independent nerves and muscles remain in motion for some time after casting. This is actually some kind of distraction mechanism to trick the enemy. The enemy will focus on the moving tail allowing the lizard to escape from its perilous position. The tail will grow back over time, but you will continue to see an abnormality. The color of the tail remains darker and smaller because the missing tail vertebrae do not grow back.

Lizards generally eat live prey. They actually eat anything that moves and doesn't look dangerous and fits in their mouths. Because most lizards stay smaller, they mainly eat insects, snails and other small invertebrates. Larger species also eat the eggs of various animals or small vertebrates such as mice or other lizards. To find out more about the lizard and which species suits you best, please contact the specialists at our pet store in The Hague.

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