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Chameleons are a family of lizards belonging to the iguania family. Chameleons are easy to recognize due to their long, muscular tongue, specialized eyes, pincer-like legs and the ability to change color. There are about 215 different species of chameleons. In fact, all these different species of chameleons live exclusively in subtropical and tropical regions. Chameleons originally come from Africa and from there they have spread to the Arabian Peninsula, parts of eastern Asia and southern Europe, mainly the area around the Mediterranean Sea. Unfortunately, not much information is known about most types of chameleons, so most chameleons do not have a Dutch name yet. Read more…

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Almost all chameleons live above the ground in trees and shrubs in warm, moist, wooded areas. Many species live in tropical rainforests or mountain forests. Only a few species live in arid, barren environments such as deserts. Even only a few species can be found up to the snow line in mountain areas. The only European species, the ''common chameleon''. This chameleon lives in semi-deserts and grasslands. This species is also one of the few real chameleons that regularly comes to the bottom. The external characteristics of chameleons are unmissable, so that it is easy to determine that it is a chameleon. They have a laterally flattened body, legs that have a pincer-like structure and a usually thick, coilable prehensile tail. These 3 mentioned characteristics allow life in branches and at some height in trees and shrubs.

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Other external features include a remarkably built head with large, bulging eyes and a tongue that can shoot out quickly and far. Thanks to these well-developed eyes and muscular shooter tongue, the chameleon can hunt passing prey very quickly. Chameleons are, of course, best known for their ability to change color. This allows them to adapt to their environment and to make themselves recognizable to other species, and the color of their body also communicates.

For example, the change of color is also used by the male to seduce the female during courtship. Even if the females are already fertilized, they can change their color with a mating male so that they know that this female is already fertilized and is not waiting for the attention of the male. The changing color of chameleons is also called flashes. Chameleons are solitary animals and avoid each other in nature as much as possible, they are aggressive towards each other, so it is not recommended to keep these animals together. Chameleons are almost always oviparous and after laying, bury the eggs in shallow pits in the ground. The number of eggs laid per clutch differs per time, which can vary from a few eggs to dozens of eggs at a time. This also depends on the species. Chameleons are not the easiest pets to keep, so make sure you are well informed and have all the equipment in your house. For more information and information you can of course always visit our store in The Hague.

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