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Tortoises are an order of reptiles whose appearance is very recognizable, because they have a sturdy and often spherical shell. They can differ greatly from each other in size, colors and way of life. All turtles have a bony, firm and spherical carapace that is clearly visible on the ventral and dorsal side. They are able to withdraw into their shell, for example when they are attacked, it is a piece of protection, but the shell also has other functions such as insulating the heat so that turtles cool down less quickly. You have tortoises and tortoises. The tortoises only live on land and the tortoises only live in the water. So there is also a big difference in keeping these 2 different species. Read more…


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The shell of the turtle is usually provided with second armor, the horn shield. The back shield is connected to the abdominal armor by a bone bridge on either side of the body. The shell is extremely important to the turtle because it performs important functions.

Turtles usually reproduce annually and are all oviparous. When turtles are young, they grow quickly but develop slowly, so it takes decades for a turtle to really mature. Turtles can therefore become extremely old.

A turtle's diet generally consists of animals and plant matter. Tortoises mainly eat vegetable matter and water turtles often feed on smaller animals such as fish, snails etc. There are about 340 different species of turtles. Turtles are found all over the world except at the poles. The habitats of turtles differ from forests, grasslands, swamps and even seas. There is an important difference between land and sea turtles. Tortoises live on land and water turtles swim in water and seas.

If you want a tortoise as a pet, first study which species you want. There is of course a big difference between land turtles and water turtles, also in keeping and caring for these animals. Be informed and informed by our specialists in our store in The Hague.


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