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Snakes have been revered and abhorred for centuries, it is special to see how the snake has different meanings in different countries. For some, snakes remain fascinating because of their way of life. Snakes are found on almost every continent except Antarctica. There are about 2700 species of snakes in the world with vertebrae from 160 to 435 pieces in their bodies. Keeping snakes is an unusual hobby that requires a lot of knowledge. There are many different types of snakes in different sizes and colors. Snakes should in principle be fed live, realize this well before you buy a snake. Read more…

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Snake lovers are often impressed by the way snakes live. Snakes can be found on almost every continent with the exception of Antarctica, in fact there is a type of snake living almost everywhere. There are about 2700 species of snakes in the world with vertebrae from 160 to 435 pieces in their bodies. The habitats in which snakes live is also diverse from desert to deep in the jungle. There are species that live only on the bottom and species that live high in the trees. There is even a species that can fly somewhat from tree to tree, but there are also poisonous species such as strangler snakes. What all species do have in common is that all species have no ear opening and no eardrum, which means that they are deaf. They do have a heat-sensitive organ so that snakes can sense very small heat differences in their environment. This allows them to easily spot their prey even in the dark. Thanks to the square bone between both jaws, a snake can swallow very large prey. Prey such as smaller rodents, fish, earthworms and amphibians are therefore easily eaten inside.


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Photo Buy hose Avonturia The Hague


The size of a terrarium depends on the snake you want to purchase. For example, one species may require a high terrarium and the other a low and wide terrarium. It is always important that good information is obtained before purchasing so that you know how to keep the desired hose. Provide a good soil cover such as bark, humus (ground coconut), sand or a mix of certain products to create a bioactive soil. Various products are needed to set up the terrarium, such as a shelter in which the snake can withdraw at any moment and a heavy water bowl so that the snake cannot knock it over. Furthermore, the terrarium can be decorated with branches, lianas, pieces of wood or stones and (artificial) plants. Again, it is important that you know from which biotope the snake comes from. Ensure adequate ventilation and do not allow them to escape. To avoid the latter, sell Avonturia special locks.

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The diet for most snakes will be rodents, but there are also species that specialize in insects (opheodrys aestivus – green grass snake), amphibians or fish (nerodia ssp, natrix ssp and thamnopis ssp). Giant snakes such as tiger pythons (molurus bivittatus), reticulated pythons (malayopython reticulatus), and green anacondas (eunectes murinus) will eventually require much larger prey than rats. The rodent eaters will often be satisfied with one prey per week and will take several days to digest this prey before they get hungry again. In some cases, the giant snakes can take weeks to digest their prey. How quickly the prey is digested depends on the ambient temperature and the size of the prey. The insect-eating snakes will need food more quickly, because they can digest their food faster. Stranglers will bite prey and wrap their bodies around the prey to suffocate it. When the prey is dead, they will release the animal and search for the head by smell. They then start at the thinnest part. If the prey is somewhat in the mouth, the upper jaw will first slide over the prey a bit, after which the lower jaw will do the same. While eating, the mouth is completely filled with the prey. In order to still be able to breathe, snakes can lengthen their windpipe so that there is just some room to breathe.


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These species are for sale at our Reptile World, and will give you an indication about the species

Pantherophis Guttatas

Rat snakes (pantherophis)

These snakes are very suitable for beginners. The most popular is the red rat snake - Patherophis guttatus , a rather slender snake with a great diversity in color possibilities such as: missing black, missing red, albino, snowcorn, oketee, hypomelanistic and so on. In addition, new colors are added regularly.

The average length of a red rat snake is 150 cm. These snakes live in the southern and western United States as well as northern Mexico. And can therefore also be viewed in our store.

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Prairie Kingsnake

Kingsnakes (Lampropeltis)

These snakes are very beautiful just to look at and come in many different but natural colors and designs: from uniformly colored to barred with three different colours. The at least seven subspecies also come in various colors. This non-toxic species is very beautiful and is now grown in many different colors and patterns. Among the kingsnakes is one subspecies called the milk snake (lampropeltis triangulum). This species remains smaller and has three different colors, namely red, black and yellow, which are banded together in a certain order. Now there is a very venomous species that is very similar to the milk snake, namely the coral snake. An English rhyme has been created to break these down: “Red to black, venom lack. Red to yellow, kills a fellow!” The lampropeltis lives in an area from southern Canada to Mexico

Anacondas Snake On A White Background.

Giant snakes (boidae)

Giant snakes are a size larger than the snakes described above. They naturally need a larger terrarium. It is advisable if these giant snakes are kept that any care is done with two people.

If the snake bites and holds it, it is difficult to get it loose, especially if the snake is longer than two meters. Therefore, always consider carefully whether this is the type of hose you want to go for.

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Burmese Python Snake On White

Tiger python (python molurus bivittatus)

These very nicely drawn snakes can grow up to six meters in length. This means that space in the house must be taken into account. The food this snake gets is also much larger. The tiger python in most cases has a good natured character and will handle fairly well. Due to its enormous length, it is wise not to handle it when you are alone.

Buy royal python Python regius Information care facts snake

Royal python (python regius)

This very popular and quiet snake does not grow crazy big. And is available in many different colors. The python regius is also known as ball python. This has to do with the python curling up like a ball with its head in the middle to protect it. This species does not tolerate changes well and they may refuse food for a longer period of time.

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Buy Rainbow Boa Epicrates cenchria Information care facts snake

idol snake (boa constrictor)

The boa has only one species with many subspecies, including the "red-tailed boa" from northeastern South America. Each area has its own locality and can have a different color or pattern. Some species are smaller or slimmer. Unlike pythons, boas are ovoviviparia (ovoviviparie), meaning that eggs are developed in the body, but the young are born alive after about eight months.

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