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eyelash gecko


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eyelash gecko

Name Dutch: eyelash gecko
Scientific name: Correlophus ciliatus
Origin: New Caledonia
Age: 15 years
Height: Up to 25 cm
Day temperature: 18 – 24°c
Humidity: 60 - 80%
Birth: Egg laying. These hatch after about 60 days.
Activity: Night active
Legislation: None
Climate: Tropical rainforest (cool)
Stay: Terrariums
Heat place: 26 ° c
Night temperature: 16 – 20°c
Night humidity: 80-90%
Minimum size: 60 x 45 x 90 cm

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The eyelash gecko is a super fun gecko for anyone who wants to start with the hobby. The animals are very calm and easy to handle. A big advantage is that the geckos need to be kept reasonably cool. They can bump into any smooth surface with their special toes. The toes are full of small soft scales called adhesive lamellae. These scales have very small hairs so that they have an easy grip on different types of surfaces.

For a long time, the crested gecko was thought to be extinct until it was rediscovered in New Caledonia in 1994. Since then, the eyelash gecko has been a very popular gecko among hobbyists. At dusk, the animals emerge and start looking for food. They got the name eyelash gecko because of the soft spines that sit above their eyes and look like they have eyelashes. Behind both eyes, a row of small spines extends over the skull, extending from the back to the base of the tail. The eyelash gecko is a robust gecko species that can climb extremely well. The tail plays a very important role in climbing. It is used as a fifth limb. The tip of the tail is flattened and this allows them to hang on branches well.

This species has no eyelids and has a pupil that they can close. During the day, for example, the pupil is a very thin line to absorb as little daylight as possible. When dusk falls, the pupil will open and the eyeball will appear to consist of only one pupil. This opens as wide as possible to collect as much light as possible. During the day, eyelash geckos have a dull appearance with little color and contrast. This is called fired-down. In the evening this changes to fired-up and the geckos get brighter colors with much more contrast. Nowadays there are a huge number of morphs (breeding varieties) available such as: patternless, bicolor, dalmatian, harlequin and pinstripe.


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Adult eyelash geckos can be housed in, for example, an Exo Terra 60x45x90 cm terrarium. Young animals can be housed in the same way only on a smaller scale. For example, an Exo Terra compact top can be used as lighting, containing 2x Natural Daylight 25 watts and, for example, 1x Reptile UVB 100 25 watts.

The use of UVB is under debate, but the eyelash gecko has also been observed on branches in clearings where UVB is present. However, it is important to ensure that the geckos can withdraw from the UVB radiation. A lampshade can be placed on the terrarium with a downward shining light. Under this light, the temperature can best be around 26°C where the animals can warm up. The rest consists of smooth branches or lianas, which are placed both horizontally and vertically. Artificial plants may be used, but live plants give a more natural look to the terrarium.

Eyelash geckos are very strong climbers and like to sit on large leaves. A mix of different substrates can be used on the bottom, such as coconut fiber (humus) mixed with sphagnum moss, coarse coconut fiber, sand, vermiculite and activated carbon. This allows springtails and tropical woodlice to be mixed. We are talking about a bioactive soil.

The woodlice and springtails are ideal for combating fungi and help clear up feces. It is best to hang the food and water bowls so that the geckos can easily find them. You can spray once a day in the terrarium to maintain the humidity. The eyelash gecko also drink the drops of their own body and lick their large eyes clean.

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to see the sexes in young animals. This only becomes visible after about six months. The males then develop hemipenis bumps that are clearly visible under the cloaca. In women, the area under the cloaca is flat and lacks the bulge. Both the man and the woman have spurs around the cloaca. Eyelash geckos are sexually mature after six months to a year, but breeding with eyelash geckos is not recommended if the female weighs less than 35 grams, as she will have difficulty carrying eggs. During mating, the male will bite the female on the neck and hold it tightly, this is natural behavior. After four to six labors, the female lays the eggs after a successful mating. The incubation time depends on the temperature. At a low temperature this will take longer.

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Eyelash Gecko Correlophus Ciliatus

Power supply

The food for eyelash geckos consists of Repashy Superfoods (powder that is mixed with water) which is available in different flavors. In addition, insects are fed, consisting of crickets, grasshoppers, wax moths, silkworms and cockroaches. The insects are suitable for your eyelash gecko as long as they are no larger than the widest part of the mouth. Do not forget to give a good vitamin and mineral supplement for an optimal diet.

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