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The boa constrictor is a snake in the giant snake family. The boa is therefore one of the best-known species of strangler snakes worldwide and is often kept in animal parks and/or zoos, for example. The boa is found in North and South America & parts of Central and South America. Because of its appearance, the boa constrictor is an impressive snake to see. The snake is on average between 2 and 3 meters long. Fortunately, the snake is too small to kill or swallow a person and will therefore try to flee in a confrontation. The boa mainly eats rodents, birds and smaller reptiles such as lizards. Read more…

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Originally, the boa occurs in a large part of South and Central America. In Central America the boa is mainly found in the north as far as Mexico. The boa can be found along the edges of deserts and in the tropical rainforest or swamps. When we think of South America, the snake is mainly found in the north and northeast. Currently, the boa constrictors live in more than 26 countries worldwide. The boa mainly eats rodents, birds and smaller reptiles such as lizards. The snake strangles its prey and then swallows it in one go. The prey is anchored in the mouth after capture using the boa's backward curved teeth and wraps its body around the prey. Then the prey is slowly but surely strangled. The moment the prey exhales, the snake tightens its strangulation. The blood circulation of the prey is cut off as a result, so that vital organs no longer receive oxygen. In this way, the prey dies of cardiac arrest.

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Boas can be 2 to 3 meters long and have a light brown color with dark round spots on the back that can differ from each other. Fortunately, the snake is not poisonous and therefore not dangerous to humans. The boa is too small to kill or swallow a person and will always try to flee in a confrontation. Under the boa you have several subspecies. They are distinguished by body color and markings and some specimens grow considerably larger than other subspecies. The boa constrictor can reproduce all year round, but there seem to be signs that they prefer to breed at a cooler time of the year. The boa constrictor is a cold-blooded snake, the advantage is that the snake only has to eat now and then and can then feed on it again. The name boa constrictor is a literal translation of the name. Boa means big snake and constrictor means ''that strangles''. The boa is in the top 5 of longest snakes in the world. If you want such a beautiful animal as a pet, we are ready for you with advice and the right products!

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