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Pythons are strangler snakes and therefore not equipped with fangs. They mainly eat rodents, other mammals but also birds and reptiles (Lizards). Most python species have heat-sensitive senses on the front of the head that allow them to detect warm-blooded prey. These senses are very sensitive and can detect temperature differences of up to thirty degrees Celsius.

The python's diet consists mainly of rodents and other mammals, but they also eat birds and reptiles such as lizards. This prey is then strangled so that blood circulation stops and the prey dies due to heart problems. Pythons are usually active at night and resting during the day, preferably in the sun.

Most python species are tree dwellers that climb a lot. However, some species can be found more often on the bottom and almost never climb. Pythons are similar to boas in many ways, but there are certainly differences. Pythons, for example, produce eggs while all boas are ovoviviparous.
Pythons take care of the brood: the female lays her eggs in a pile and then wriggles around them. The female is very aggressive during this period and literally incubates the eggs in this way. Because snakes are cold-blooded, they cannot do this with their body heat, but they do this by shivering with the body, through muscle contractions. By doing this, her body temperature rises and she can warm the eggs.

Do you want to keep a python snake yourself? Then inquire with our expert specialists so that you can get started with the right information. And nothing stands in the way of offering this beautiful animal a home.

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